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Posted On: 11 January 2023 07:00 pm
Updated On: 11 January 2023 06:42 pm

Rainy day activities in Qatar

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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Qatar's rainy season is one to admire. And for a country that has very little rain, some of its people are excited about it! The rain might be a hassle for those who love the outdoors, but there are still many indoor activities you can try if it's raining in Qatar.

In this guide, the (ILQ) team lists some rainy-day activities you can enjoy in Qatar and where to try them!

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Watch the rain from a restaurant with a view

Rainy day activities
Image credit: Torch Doha

Dine in some of Qatar's restaurants with amazing views and watch as the raindrops fall! Experience the Qatar rainfall while scrumptiously taking bites and sips on high-quality dishes.

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Sip on warm Karak

Rainy day activities Qatar
Image Credit: Karak Mqanes

Karak is a well-known and well-loved warm drink in Qatar. Every sip of this popular traditional Qatari tea feels like a warm hug on a gloomy rainy day. You can easily enjoy this drink at almost every cafeteria in Qatar, so before it pours, make sure you get a cup (or a flask!) of Karak in your hand.

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Warm up with some hot chocolate

Rainy day activities Qatar
Image credit: West Village Qatar

If Karak isn't your cup of tea, how about some hot chocolate? Many places in Qatar offer hot chocolate to bring your right into the cosy mood as the rain drizzles by your windows.

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Grab a steaming bowl of your comfort food

Rainy day activities Qatar
Image credit: Belgian Café Doha

The cold weather is perfectly paired with a steaming bowl of your favourite soup or drink that reminds you of warmth and sunlight. There are many places in Qatar where you can order your favourite cold weather or rainy day snack, from seafood chowders to cheese fondue!

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Visit Qatar's museums

Rainy day activities Qatar
Image credit: Qatar Museums

Just because it's raining doesn't mean you can't explore Qatar. There are a number of indoor attractions in the country that will amuse you just as much as the outside world does, such as Qatar's fascinating museums!

From the National Museum of Qatar to the Museum of Islamic Arts, these museums offer an in-depth discovery about Qatar, the Islamic world, and more.

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Stroll along shops at Qatar's malls

Rainy day activities Qatar
Image credit: Doha Festival City

Although it might be wet and cold outside, many of Qatar's malls are dry and warm inside. Go on a shopping spree with your family and friends as you let the rain slowly fade and enjoy a fun time with your loved ones!

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Catch the latest movie at the cinema

Rainy Day activities
Image credit: Qatar News Agency (QNA)

If you're already at the mall, enjoying the latest films and getting cozy in the cinemas is always an option! But aside from the malls, there are also cinemas in other places in Qatar such as Souq Waqif and Katara.

Go on a rollercoaster ride at Qatar's indoor theme parks

Rainy day activities Qatar
Image credit: Doha Quest

If you're into thrilling rides and exciting atmospheres, don't let the gloomy weather get you down and stop you from getting your rollercoaster ride. There are several indoor theme and amusement parks in Qatar that are open even during the rainy season, such as the Doha Quest, Snow Dunes, Angry Birds, KidZania Doha, Gondolania and more!

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Have fun at the indoor game areas

Rainy day activities
Image credit: Doha Oasis

Activities such as bowling and trampolining are just some games you can try indoors when it rains. You can easily find these places in Qatar at malls or specific centres! Even better, these games can be enjoyed in any weather!

Enjoy the rain right on your street!

Rain doesn't come as often as it has been in Qatar. And so when the first drop of rain comes, many people in Qatar whip out their phones to take amazing photos and videos of the rain. You can do that too. If you love the rain, appreciate the weather by experiencing it right by your street!

Do you know other activities to enjoy while it's raining in Qatar? Let us know in the comments below! Do share this article, too - it keeps us going!