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Posted On: 13 May 2018 11:30 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:18 am

Qatar Guide: 10 things that you can get for FREE in Qatar!

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Qatar is known to be a major expatriate hub and the reasons why are easy to pin-point out. Great weather all throughout the year, utmost security, dedication to sports, top-notch healthcare services, and its proximity to the rest of the world are just some of the numerous considerations why expatriates—regardless of nationality—don't mind spending many more years in here as the quality of life in Qatar is among the best in the world.

But did you know that when it comes to free stuff, Qatar is also one of the very few countries which is most likely to snag the top spot in case some unbiased website makes a round-up out of it?

We've listed ten of them for you and while we know that there are much more to add, we highly encourage you to scroll all the way down! Who knows, we can make a Part 2 in case this list gains enough attention—and you'll be the ones to fill up the next 10 by the time that happens!

1. Tax

Expatriates enjoy a tax-free salary in Qatar.

Qatar is happy—being the 32nd happiest country in the world for 2018—because its locals and residents chose to be that way. And one of the primary reasons why the people in this GCC nation of approximately 2.7M people is on the hassle-free side is because of the fact that they enjoy tax-free salaries for many years now. Thanks to Qatar's oil and natural gas deposits, its multinational workforce population is likely to save their salaries all for themselves in the next few years to come.

2. Healthcare system

Qatar healthcare system

Last January 2017, the Business Insider revealed the '16 Countries with the best Healthcare Systems in the World' and Qatar is placed at rank 15th—in between Canada and France. The website writes: "The best standards of health in the Middle East can be found in the wealthy nation of Qatar. The nation has recently taken steps to implement a universal healthcare system across the entire country."

3. Access to beaches

Katara Beach recently scrapped its entrance fee.

Even before Katara scrapped the entrance fee to their beach a few days ago, majority of the most sought-after summer destinations in Qatar are mostly free of charge. We have Simaisma, Al Khor, Al Dhakira, and Maroona beaches in the North, Zekreet and Umm Bab in the West, and Wakrah and Sealine in the South.

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4. Access to public parks

People can access most parks in Qatar for free.

Qatar and its government value family ties immensely. Doha has so many parks, each different from the other. Regardless of how many public parks Doha, we haven't heard of any which charges for entrance fees unless there's a festival going on.

Check out our list of parks HERE!

5. Air conditioning

Weather in Qatar

We all know that the weather in Qatar has the tendency to go really bad especially from May to September. Thanks to the high-rise buildings and establishments we see everyday, finding shade has always been easy. And if you happen to be in a remote area, our advice would be to order an Uber and you'll surely be rewarded with instant 'coolness' in no time.

6. Access to museums

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, Qatar

Just like parks, museums are also opening up in Doha. Aside from the Museum of Islamic Art which is considered the mother of all museums in Qatar, we also have the National Museum of Qatar, Mathaf, and the Msheireb Museums—which is home to four historic heritage houses. One of our favourites is the Doha Fire Station as it holds special month-long exhibitions every now and then. One of its most unique initiatives is the ongoing 'Laundromat Exhibition' by Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei ongoing until June 1st. Entrance is for free and will always be.

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7. Entertainment shows

Kite Festival at Aspire Park Doha

With a variety of festivals being held across the country to celebrate Qatar's rich culture and diversity, there's really no running out of reason to pump money out of people so that they can witness something bewildering and new to the eye. Head to the Mall of Qatar—for example—during the weekend and it's impossible not to see a dancer or a juggler or a stuntman performing live on stage. Two of our favourite annual shows are the Kite Festival in Aspire Park (happening March every year) and the Aspire Lake Festival (every April), though the latter charges a meagre QR 20 per head for an unforgettable and spectacular show.


WIFI access in Qatar

As Qatar is a developing country and technology is quickly taking over its mostly-millennial population. There is a need to keep up with the tremendous demand for fast and reliable internet anytime and anywhere. Luckily for us—and for the rest of the world we suppose—coffee shops offering free WIFI are strategically located across the suburbs of Doha and while they're not entirely for free, you can still save a chunk of your postpaid data plan if you decide to put an end to all of your paper works in just one sitting for the reasonable price of let's say QR 16-18 for a medium-sized Frapuccino, free stay in your preferred cafe, and yeah—free WIFI service for your entire stay. For an idea on the cost of living in Qatar, click here.

9. Small but essential things such as sauce on shawarmas & tissue paper in public toilets

Shawarma with garlic sauce

They say that a thousand Riyals won't be complete if one Riyal is missing—which is very true. We often ignore the little things and by the time we realize their importance, it's already too late. In Western countries, you usually need to shell out a few more cents in order to get an extra sachet of ketchup or mayonnaise, but in Qatar, hoarding these is far from committing a crime. To know the 10 secret comforts of living in Qatar, click here.

10. Boxes

Iftar box giving

Maybe you're wondering what's so great with 'boxes' that we included them on this list, but the real question that you should be asking is: "What could be inside the box?" Well, it could be anything. But now that the holy month of Ramadan is just a heartbeat away, the boxes that we're talking about contain food inside, and we call them 'Iftar boxes'. These goodies are commonly distributed to workers who've been working all day while fasting. Doing such is one of the countless acts of charity that a Muslim (or even a non-Muslim) can do to commemorate and reflect on the real essence of Ramadan. For your ultimate guide on the best events and activities happening in Qatar for Ramadan 2018, click here.

And because we love you guys, here's a bonus freebie...

11. Information

ILoveQatar.Net's Youtube channel
(Source: ILoveQatar.Net's Youtube channel)

No one disseminates information in Qatar better than us (ILoveQatar.Net) and that's been proven to an extent. May it be relevant, entertaining, educational, and engaging content, we are without a doubt your one-stop community website for everything about Qatar! Our sub-channels Qatar Events, Qatar News, and Dine Out Doha have created an indestructible bond between Qatar's local and expatriates community over the years. Also, ILQ's weekly shows namely QTips, Test Drive, Mama Baba Ganoush, and Weekend Round-up are all here to entertain our loyal audience while also giving away relevant information—all for FREE!

Did we miss anything worth-including in the Magic 10? If you have more free things to add, key them in in the comment section below! Also, don't forget to like and share this article -- it keeps us going!

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