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Posted On: 19 August 2019 01:05 pm
Updated On: 9 December 2019 09:32 am

Pet-friendly places in Qatar

Manan Bhavnani
Manan Bhavnani
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There are a bunch of activities you could do during your free time, whether it's watching a movie, getting ice cream with friends or having fun at any beaches or parks in Qatar. But, when it comes to your pets (especially dogs), a walk is the best activity, besides being some time outside the house, walking is also beneficial for your pets' health (and yours).

However, finding a good place in Qatar for your dog to go exploring can prove to be a challenge. So, we’ve compiled a list of some places where you can enjoy a nice walk with your favourite pets.

Al Bidda Park - All Areas

Al Bidda is an important asset for Doha since it provides a peaceful escape from the busy city and a place where friends and family can relax. A portion of the Al Bidda Park is accessible for the pet lovers to offer a nice getaway for them. Pet owners are advised to keep their pet on a leash at all times and bring baggies and a pooper-scoop with them as these items will not be available in the park. To learn more about Al Bidda Park, click HERE.

Oxygen Park - All Areas

The 130,000-square-meter Oxygen Park is to introduce a green lung in Education City, inviting students and visitors alike to refresh their mind, this beautiful park also supports your desire to bring your dog with you. For more information on policies regarding pets at Oxygen park, call: 974 44540000.

The Pearl Qatar - Certain Areas

Pets are allowed to certain areas of the Pearl Qatar, for example, main roads and parks. The biggest of three pet-friendly parks at The Pearl is called the Grand Park. However, during any events at parks, you are advised not to take your pet with you. Moreover, pets are not permitted to the beaches, swimming pools, common areas of Pearl Qatar. Additionally, Porto Arabia, Madina Central, and Qanat Quartier are also not pet-friendly areas. For more information on policies regarding pets at The Pearl, call 800 6222 or refer to

Purple Island

Purple island, qatar

There are no certain laws to prohibit pets to Purple island and people usually do take their pets for a long run. Located in Al Khor, Purple Island is a great place to have a fantastic time with your dog, but as the causeway to the island was demolished, the island is only accessible at low tide. As a result, the mangroves along the coast are a better and safer option. For updates on tidal movements, look at the Qatar Meteorology Department website.

Etiquette for pets in public places

The way your pet acts in public is not only a reflection on you but gives observers a perception on pet owners in general. This is why it’s so important to be on your best behaviour so this “pet-friendly” trend keeps growing. No matter what public place you attend with your pet, always carry bags to clean after your pet. Also, always leash your dog. Make sure to keep the leash close. An unleashed pet can frighten other travellers or get spooked and bolt away.

Do you have a pet? If you know other dog-friendly places in Qatar, do let us know in the comments section below. Also, don't forget to like and share this article - you know it keeps us going!