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Posted On: 6 July 2020 10:12 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:18 am

What is the National Authentication System 'Tawtheeq' and how does it work

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Some government entities are keen to keep up with the latest technologies and are updating their digital services which makes it important to enhance electronic authentication and verification tools. So far, 17 government entities in Qatar have adopted Tawtheeq. Other government entities will follow, so it makes sense to have a service like Tawtheeq.

What is Tawtheeq?

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) launched the National Authentication System called “Tawtheeq” in 2019 as a digital identity verification function. Tawtheeq acts as a national identity provider for all the government online services in Qatar when it comes to the management and governance of the digital identity of individuals and businesses that use websites and online applications to access government e-services in Qatar.

With Tawtheeq, users can gain access to government e-services using the same username and password, thus saving time and effort and delivering the services faster.

What is the National Authentication System 'Tawtheeq' and how does it work
Image credit: MOTC Qatar

What does Tawtheeq do?

Tawtheeq offers faster user access to all government services and boosts user security in line with the Qatar Digital Government 2020 Strategy, which, as its first strategic objective, aims to better serve individuals who live and work in Qatar and businesses that fuel the nation’s economic growth.

It provides safe authentication that’s consistent with world best practices in information security. It also offers appropriate solutions to constraints that government entities face while developing their digital services such as the difficulty of verifying user credibility online during the electronic transactions and the vulnerability of digital identities to theft or hacking.

How does Tawtheeq work?

Tawtheeq provides secure authentication, digital signing and Single-Sign-On (SSO) services; it's a key component in e-services development and security. It delivers improved security, usability and efficiency for end-users of government e-services.

To access Tawtheeq, click on the following link - - and register.
Image credit Hukoomi Qatar

What are Tawtheeq's main features

Tawtheeq provides the following features:

  • Multi-level authentication by using username and password, and smart ID cards
  • Digital signature; allows signing the transactions online for non-repudiation purposes
  • Single sign-on; enables users to log in once and access the government e-services
  • Simplifying of e-service integration through standard protocols

What are the benefits of Tawtheeq?

Tawtheeq offers many benefits:

  • Provides secure access to e-services
  • Increases usability and efficiency by allowing end-users to have a single profile and log in
  • Accelerates development of e-services with common authentication access by the public

For further information, please contact the MOTC on +974 4406 9996 or via email address: [email protected].