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Posted On: 1 September 2021 07:00 pm
Updated On: 1 September 2021 08:06 pm

What is the MOI Security Systems Department and how is it keeping Qatar safe?

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In 2021, the Numbeo mid-year crime index, one of the most prominent databases in the world, ranked Doha as the safest city in the world. This reflects Qatar's strong record in safety and security which is handled by the Ministry of Interior (MOI).

The Security Systems Department (SSD) is the MOI's main body when it comes to security and it monitors what's going on around the country and keeps it safe.

What does the SSD do?

What is the MOI Security Systems Department and how is it keeping Qatar safe
Image credit: MOI NCC

To provide effective and fast services, the MOI SSD has been divided into Administrative Affairs, Inspection, Licensing and Projects Section. Each of these sections have specific functions related to installing and supervising CCTV surveillance cameras and security devices in different institutions in Qatar which include ministries, government institutions, embassies, airport, seaport banks, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, office buildings, parking, etc.

These include:

  • Implementation of Law no. 9 of 2011 regulating the use of surveillance CCTV cameras and other security devices.
  • Determining the best positions to install security surveillance devices.
  • Determining how many security surveillance devices should be installed.
  • Determining and complying with the required technical specifications related to cameras and surveillance devices.
  • Determining which places and institutions should be connected with the National Command Centre (NCC).
  • Determining the specifications and security requirements needed in security surveillance (control) rooms.
  • Preparing technical specification manuals for security surveillance systems and updating them regularly.
  • Issuing a conformity certificate for the specifications of cameras and security surveillance devices.
  • Issuing licenses for importing cameras and security surveillance devices.
  • Preparing reports and statistics related to the SSD's work.
  • Asking for recordings of cameras and security surveillance devices when needed.


  • CCTV cameras and surveillance devices are prohibited in private areas like hotel rooms, hospital rooms, medical treatment rooms, fitting rooms, toilets, spa treatment rooms, bedrooms, women's gym areas and changing rooms. (AlMeezan)
  • The MOI SSD advises institutions, companies and individuals to only get in touch with accredited CCTC surveillance cameras and security devices companies in Qatar. CLICK HERE for the full list.

Technical specifications for CCTV surveillance cameras & security devices for different businesses

What is the MOI Security Systems Department and how is it keeping Qatar safe
Image credit: Shutterstock

For anyone who wants to install CCTV surveillance cameras and security devices in Qatar, the MOI SSD has released technical specifications depending on the business.

There are different technical specifications for different kinds of businesses like hotels, banks, residential complexes, sports clubs, hospitals, clinics, fuel stations, shopping and entertainment centers etc.

  • CLICK HERE to see the specifications that suit your business.
  • CLICK HERE to download the forms available depending on what your requirements are.



    Source: MOI, Al Meezan
    Cover image credit: MOI