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Posted On: 20 August 2019 02:43 pm
Updated On: 6 October 2021 02:50 pm

Tips to make your life easier in Qatar

Arvin Garcia
Arvin Garcia
Content Writer
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If there’s one thing that everyone loves to read, share and watch on the internet these days, it's life hacks. The reason for this is because most of the time these hacks can really make a difference in our every day living. These are shortcuts, useful tips or tutorials meant to make our lives easier. Here are some of the many life hacks we gathered to make your life hassle-free and easier here in Qatar.

1. Buy petrol using your QID

Are you stuck in a petrol station because you don't have enough money to pay your bill? No problem!

Did you know that you can use your Qatar Identification Card (QID) to temporarily pay your petrol bill? Yes, most of us don't know this, but it's true. You can later pay the money you’ve fueled up as long as you have your QID but in one condition; one should first register in a Woqod gasoline station because only members can avail this.

Note, not all petrol stations have this incentive for their regular customers.

Petrol Station

2. Close to expiry corners in hypermarkets

This is probably the easiest way to save money. Almost all hypermarkets in Qatar have this area in the grocery where they put products close to the expiry date and sells them at a lower price.

Expiry dates are a big thing here in Qatar. So, instead of these products going into waste, they sell it at a cheaper amount but clearly shows the expiration dates of each product for the safety of the consumers. Just a reminder, when buying these products make sure you consume it before the expiry date.

Expiry Date

3. Car wash in malls

Tired of long queues in car wash stations? There's a simple hack to solve this annoying problem. If you want convenience while your car is being washed? The best thing to do is go to parking lots of malls and get your car washed while you are shopping or eating in the mall. In this way, you don't have to wait for your turn, because time is on your side. Quick wash for your car while you dine and shop, well that's convenient!

Car Wash

4. Use maps to monitor traffic and change routes

There are so many applications now on the internet that promise easier ways to accomplish or get things done effortlessly, but the question remains, do they actually serve their purpose?

GPRS on mobile applications are helpful especially here in Qatar. But did you know that aside from just bringing you to your exact destination, maps on this mobile application have other uses too?

They have this special function on the app that tells you exactly the places where there's too much traffic and gives you the shortest route to your destination. This feature has already been there ever since but most people don't know how to maximise its full function. This hack will definitely help you in your everyday driving on the road.

Traffic Jam

5. Mini-grocery store drive-thru

Here in Qatar, mini-grocery stores more commonly known as baqalas are rapidly increasing in number. It's one reason why owners are always finding ways to get their regular customers to buy in their stores. One of these baqalas is Cairo Supermarket located in Old Airport Road that offers what they call drive-thru shopping.

If you are in a hurry and has no time to go down to your vehicle, all you need is one quick honk and one of their staff will take your order and get it all for you inside without any cost. Once your order is delivered, you pay it and leave the grocery on your way to your destination hassle-free.

Cairo Supermarket
Courtesy Image: Arvin Garcia

5. Hypermarket's delivery promo

Everything is made easy in Qatar. Many hypermarkets here give irresistible promos to keep their customers on their side. Carrefour and Lulu hypermarkets, for instance, have their special delivery promo that has become popular among their loyal patrons. Carrefour is one of the biggest hypermarkets in Qatar that offers its customers a convenient way of taking their groceries home for free. Yes, you heard us right, it's for free. They have this concept of, you shop, we deliver promotional invite. If you have no car or you're in a hurry and has to go someplace after doing your grocery, Carrefour will deliver your goods right to your doorsteps. But your grocery should have a minimum amount of QR 250 to avail this promo. Also, you need to become a member of the supermarket by registering your number to them and downloading their apps all for free. For more details, click here.

Carrefour Promo

6. Online discount vouchers

Got QR 175? Special offers ( limited period )and all-year-round discounts are very much appreciated if you're the type who loves to spend less. Behold, online discount vouchers from mobile apps will save the day for you.

Courtesy Image: QGrabs

Qgrabs is an online bargain basket which does not require any membership fees. You can simply go on their website and find deals you are interested and purchase.

Urban Point

There is a number of applications available such as Entertainer, Urban Point, My Book and many more. These apps do require certain fees - Entertainer QAR 425 (annual plan), Urban point QAR 15 (monthly plan), My Book Qatar QAR 325 (annual plan). These plans are renewed yearly, so if you purchase the plan in the middle of the year, your fee will be lower. At the moment, the offers are lower than 50% as 2019 has been passed more than half.

    7. Pay half the price of your traffic violation

    Traffic violations are common here in Qatar. Residents, locals, and expats violate traffic rules and regulations on a daily basis. To ease the burden of the violators, the Ministry of Interior under the Traffic department thought of offering this special scheme. All you have to do is pay immediately within the first month of the issuing of the traffic violation and you will only pay half the price of your penalty. Amazing isn't it? Don't let days or months pass by, just pay it as soon as possible and a 50% discount awaits you. This is not valid if you exceed the one month limit.

    Green Light

    8. Follow and make your life easy

    Here is one of the best hack on the list! Want to know about the different news, events, and happenings in Qatar? Follow our website and be in the loop with everything that will make your life easier in Qatar.

    We only live once, so better experience these lifehacks that we compiled to survive and live an easy life here in Qatar. There are things to explore and discover, these are just some of them. For your comments and suggestions, you can write to us here. Also, like and share the article - it keeps us going.