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Posted On: 6 August 2019 05:13 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:18 am

Life hacks to stay healthy and fit in Qatar

Arvin Garcia
Arvin Garcia
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Staying fit and healthy is a must in everyday life. It's important that you make time to exercise despite your busy schedules to stay healthy. Working every day can be stressful for your body. It's advisable to maintain a strong and fit body. By living and eating healthy, you can achieve this. Qatar is one of those countries that offer healthy options to its residences who want to live and eat healthily.

1) FREE workout at parks

Parks serve as a sanctuary for resting and appreciating nature. It’s a beautiful place to relax after a long day of work. But nowadays, parks have evolved into a place for promoting physical activities and recreational sports to preserve good health.

MIA Park

Aside from having the best panoramic view of the Doha skyline and being a popular tourist destination in Qatar, the Museum of Islamic Arts or MIA Park is also a haven for people who want to get fit. Its wide bayside pavement serves as a complete track for health-conscious individuals who love walking and running. The 7 kilometers stretch along the Corniche to the end of the park gives health buffs a long path to walk and run. For the direction, click HERE!

MIA Park Palm

Dahl Al Hamam Park

Located at the heart of Markhiya, this park has lush green on foot aisles and large play areas for kids, making a visit to this garden a comforting experience for families. But apart from being a nature-friendly park, it also offers a fitness area for adults who love to exercise. The outdoor mini fitness area composes of mechanical exercising steels and bars to burn those excessive fats. This area allows visitors to do their work out routine in comfort. For the directions, click HERE!

Dahl Al Hamam Park Flower
Image Courtesy: Doha Life

Aspire Park

What comes into your mind when you hear Aspire park? For an extremely active and health-savvy individual, this place is a perfect spot for physical and sports activities. Sports enthusiasts can play basketball in various courts all day free of charge. Soccer players too, can use the park’s soccer field for free and play with friends for recreational purposes. So if you’re looking for a place to stay fit may it be basketball or soccer, go to Aspire Park and enjoy your favorite sport here.

Aspire Park Greens

Click here for directions:

2) Swim regularly

If you don’t love sweating it all out in the gym but do love the benefits of cardiovascular workout, swimming maybe your ideal match. The water keeps your body temperature cool, and at the same time, the heart gets an amazing workout. Indeed, swimming regularly could make a positive impact not only on your body but on your health as well.

Hamad Aquatic Centre

As its tagline suggests “Your journey towards a healthy life starts here” — this recreational and swimming facility is the best place to begin your healthy lifestyle in Qatar. Hamad Aquatic Centre promotes positive benefits of learning how to swim the right way to stay active and fit. It has designated pools for beginners to advance level swimmers, ensuring a safe and secure environment while enjoying the water. Surely, taking a dip every other day in the pool will keep your body fully functional, alert and intact.

Hamad Pool
Image Courtesy: Family Activity Center


H20 Swim Club

Getting fit is a commitment. That’s why for H20 Swim Club it’s important to commit first and then leave the rest to them. Their main objective is to inspire people, challenge and support their growth through world-class wellness and high-performance fitness programmes. So, if you’re the type who wants to get fit and at the same develop your swimming competency, this place perfectly fits you.

Swim Club Lady


3) Biking at MIA Park

Two years ago, MIA Park opened a bicycle rental scheme to the public to promote healthy living among the visitors of the park. This is how it works if you don’t have your own bike, there are available bicycles for rent to encourage biking around the park. But, if you have your own, all you need to do is bring it and start riding your bike in the park for free. By doing this, you can appreciate the beauty of nature, exercise and, stay fit all together at the same time.

Biking MIA
Image Courtesy: MIA Park

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4) Eating healthy

There are many healthy restaurants and vegan cafés in Qatar. And for those who want to watch their diet and regular food intakes, eating healthy has become a way of life for a handful of individuals. Some choose to be a vegan, and some just want to watch their calorie count to have a healthy lifestyle.

Evergreen Organics

For vegans, eating the right food means consuming vegetables, fruits with no meat on their menu. “Evergreen Organics” who claims to be the first 100% vegan café in Qatar, best fit these people who only want to eat healthily. All their food is plant-based, with no added preservatives or processed sugar in it. Choosing this option to get fit, takes a lot of dedication and determination so a lot of patience is required to achieve this.

Evergreen Organics
Image Courtesy: Evergreen Organics


Slim ‘N Lite

Another healthy option that is now popular here in Qatar is managing your everyday food by ordering a healthy meal. Becoming healthy is easy with Slim ‘N Lite diet plans. It’s a health food center that delivers food for customers who want to lose weight and become healthy. They suggest food options from breakfast, lunch to dinner with low-calorie plans, and deliver it every day to their locations.

Slim 'N Lite
Image Courtesy: Slim 'N Lite


5) Fitness clubs

There are many fitness clubs available for membership in Qatar. All these clubs have the sole intention of promoting a healthy lifestyle through physical activities. It can range from light to advanced level depending on what your body can take. By joining fitness clubs, you can assure that you are properly guided in terms of your progress in your workouts and that you are handled professionally by a trainer.

Gymmito Fitness Club

‘No guts, no glory’, this motto stands supreme at Gymmito Fitness Club, one of the more popular fitness clubs in Qatar. Taking a holistic approach to fitness, health, and wellness, it’s a place where the pros can come to hone their quads on leg-day or bust out some cardio, while fitness newcomers can learn the ropes in a friendly, supportive environment. An everyday visit to this club will surely make you physically well and fit.


Do you regularly exercise to stay fit and healthy? Did you find this life hacks helpful? Do you have any suggestions that you can share with us? Do let us know your thoughts in our comments section. Like and share the article - it keeps us going