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Posted On: 29 January 2019 04:21 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:18 am

Amazing life hacks to make your life easier in Qatar

Khadiza Begum
Khadiza Begum
Content Writer
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There are always some pesky little obstacles in life that make everything so difficult - but today we will talk about some of the life hacks that will make your life in Qatar a little bit easier.

Get through the airport faster

It's never fun standing in long airport customs queues. The easiest way to skip the long wait times is to access the E-Gate. If you’re a Qatari national, an expatriate resident in Qatar, or a citizen of a GCC country (Gulf Cooperation Council), then you can apply for an e-gate card.

Hamad airport

The whole process takes a few seconds and this cuts down waiting time at immigration drastically. All you need to have is a valid Qatar ID to register your fingerprints at the airport. But keep in mind that children under 16 cannot use these gates for immigration procedure. However, the good news is that the concerned authority has informed that they are working on a solution for the family registration programme where the parent should register children and activate the use of the e-gate facility counter.

Download all useful apps

Mobile apps in Qatar

You have managed to get your hands on the latest smartphone; now all you need to do is getting the most out of that technology. Many aren’t using half of the potential of their phones. There are many helpful mobile apps available on either Google Play or Apple's App Store that you can download to make your stay in Qatar free of hassle, Qatar Events, Suncart, Metrash2, are just to name a few. To know more about useful apps in Qatar, click HERE.

Need urgent advice on a sick child? Ask a nurse hotline!

Hotline for Pediatric Emergency

If your child is feeling ill and you are unsure what to do, or you need health information on a particular condition, you can call for advice. The Hotline Advisory at Hamad medical Cooperation is a 24-hour telephone advice facility managed by registered nurses to help with pediatric health queries. The service aims to provide quick and appropriate advice about common pediatric conditions to decrease unnecessary visits to our Pediatric Emergency Centers and to provide a valuable advice service to the public. You can contact them on 44396066.

Love exercising? But don't want to pay to the gym? Not a problem—you don't have to!

Sport machines in a public Aspire Zone park from the government to encourage working out and get healthy. A lot of citizen are using these for sport in their leisure time
(Fitness machines in a public Aspire Zone park from the government to encourage working out and get healthy. A lot of citizen are using these for sport in their leisure time.)

Everyone knows that physical exercise is crucial to a healthy lifestyle, however that doesn't mean you have to devote your hard-earned money to get a toned body. The good news is there are some amazing parks in Qatar that offer fitness facilities –Aspire park, Al Bidda park are just to name a few. You can also find fitness facilities on the Doha Corniche which became a hotspot to a large number of residents in Qatar. So tie on your tennis shoes, and get going to give your joints and muscles a gentle warm-up. Meanwhile, to know more about parks in Qatar, click HERE

Turn your unwanted stuff into cash or buy a secondhand item on the cheap!

(A women taking photo of shirt with cell telephone to post for selling online on the internet)

You’re preparing to move and it’s the perfect time to declutter your home. Don’t just trash the stuff you don’t need when they can be useful for others and at the same time you can make some decent money by selling it. There are plenty of Facebook pages and groups in Qatar that help to buy, sell and exchange goods anything you can think of; from the bicycle, your kids grew out of to the cool jacket you bought on a whim but only wore a few times! On the other hand, you can also grab some fantastic deals on buying secondhand items to save your money.

The classified section at offers FREE listings opportunity to buy, sell or find exactly what you want! And examples of some of the Facebook buy and sell groups are- Doha Sale, Buy, sell and swap anything in Qatar, Qatar Online Shopping

Can’t get to a salon? Let the salon come to you!

Home based salon service in Qatar

Can’t get to a salon? Had a long day at work or a tiring week full of running around? Let the salon come to you! Luckily, a number of at-home beauty services in Doha will make sure that you will never have to step out of your house to get yourself a beauty or relaxation fix. For example, Beauty Box is an express salon tailored to cater to a rising number of women who want salon or beauty services at their home rather than beauty parlor visit. To know more about their services, click HERE!

Live a vegan lifestyle on the cheap by shopping at Vegetable Market

Vegetable Market, Doha
(Central Vegetable Market in Doha)

We all need to find a way of eating healthy and vegan on a budget. Did you know prices of fresh vegetables are pretty much less at the Doha Central Market comparing to the grocery stores? While the price list is updated at the market every day, your negotiation skills play a big role to grab a good deal. Also, we learned that when trading ends every day, most sellers are willing to sell their products at lower than usual prices as they do not have proper storage facilities.

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