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Posted On: 23 April 2019 04:30 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:18 am

13 life hacks to keep your home dust-free in Qatar

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The summer is coming up in Qatar, and with it come dust and sand/dust storms which are a norm of the hot summer months in this Gulf country. Rather than spend endless hours and dusting your home everyday to get rid of that frightful dust that you’ll see lurking in every nook and cranny of your home ready to make you miserable, why not follow our life hacks to dust proof your home in Qatar as much as possible so you won't be perpetually dusting over your home!

1. Door mats are a necessity

Make sure you keep a door mat on the outside of the main door and also on the inside. This way anyone who is coming in your home, will wipe his/her shoes twice. Door mats are a great way to trap dust and dirt before they can enter your home, and those that have bristles on the top are the best dust busters. Since these door mats trap dust and dirt, just imagine how much is in there, so another thing, we often neglect is to vacuum door mats. Vacuum them and wash them at least 1-2 times a week to keep the dust and dirt at bay!

2. Keeping shoes by the door is a big help

Another good idea is to keep your shoes near the door when you come in so you lessen the amount of dust that enters your home, and then when you go out, you can put them back on again. Oh, and if you don't like walking around your home bare feet, then why not keep separate footwear for inside and outside of the home.

3. Sweeping and mopping outside areas is vital

Dust often gathers just outside your main door, porch, walkway, terrace or balcony, especially if it is particularly dusty outside which is quite normal in the summer months in Qatar. Everytime you open your door, or windows, that dust is bound to come on in to your home. The best way to avoid this is to sweep and mop these outside areas regularly.

4. Keeping windows closed is important

Do you like opening the windows to let in fresh air? Are you sure you want to continue doing that in the hot dusty months of summer when not only will you be letting dust in, but also hot air? So, it’s best to keep your windows closed and the dust outside when its summer in Qatar.

5. Sealing small cracks in doors and windows is a good idea

Check the main door and windows for cracks which could allow dust in. Make sure to seal them. With doors, you can buy something to attach to the bottom of the door to keep the dust out. You can even roll up an old bedsheet or a large piece of cloth and keep it in front of the door to seal any gaps that are between the bottom of the door and the floor to keep out dust that can crawl in from under the door.

6. Getting rid of carpets is helpful

If you have wall-to-wall carpeting or a lot of rugs and carpets scattered around your home, it may be time to get rid of them and keep the bare minimum because carpets hold a lot of dust, even when you are constantly vacuuming them. Every time someone takes a step on the carpet or rug, dust gets released in the air, so it’s better to have marble, tile, wood, vinyl or linoleum flooring which is not only easier to clean, but keeps the dust away.

7. Replacing heavy drapes and curtains is useful

If you have heavy drapes or curtains with all the plush accessories, they may look beautiful on your windows, but they are also a dust collector. It is a good idea to vacuum them from time-to-time and to get rid of the dust build up, but an even better idea than that is to replace them with blinds or, perhaps, shutters depending on where you live.

8. Cleaning blinds regularly is vital

So, you’ve replaced your heavy drapes and curtains with blinds, but that doesn’t mean, dust won’t collect on these blinds. They also need a good dusting, at least, once a week, to avoid the build-up of dust.

9. Keeping the kitchen exhaust fan on is handy

It’s a great idea to keep the kitchen exhaust fan on, especially while cooking because running exhaust fans will not only the dust out of the kitchen, they will help to trap particles of grease and oil and prevent them from depositing and building up on kitchen surfaces.

10. Cleaning air conditioner vents is necessary

Dust easily settles on air conditioner vents if not cleaned regularly, and this dust is then released into their air when the air conditioning is turned. To avoid this, clean air conditioner vents, at least, once a week.

11. Cleaning and/or changing air conditioner filters is essential

During summer in Qatar, the air filters in the air conditioners get clogged with dust which not only blows into the room when the air conditioner is turned on, but also reduces the efficiency of the air conditioner. Thus, it is of utmost importance to clean the filters, at least, once a month, get them changed periodically and get the air conditioner units serviced by professionals once a year, to say the very least to ensure they run efficiently, and dust particles don’t clog up the filters.

12. Vacuuming upholstery is healthy

If you're looking for more ways to avoid the build-up of dust in your home, regularly vacuum your sofas, mattresses and other upholstery to avoid dust collecting on them and within their little nooks and crannies.

13. Pet care is a good habit

Pets, in general, shed a lot of hair, so if you have any pets, it is important to keep them well-maintained and groomed regularly, so that there is no excessive hair and dead skin around your home which adds to the dust.

Do you get a lot of dust in your home? Are you fed up of dusting all the time? What do you think of our life hacks? Are they useful? Do let us know your thoughts in our Comments section. Like and share the article - it keeps us going!