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Posted On: 1 July 2021 05:00 pm
Updated On: 27 July 2021 04:32 pm

[UPDATED] 11 Indian supermarkets and grocery shops in Qatar that you may not know of

ILQ Staff
ILQ Staff
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There are many supermarkets and grocery stores in Qatar where you can buy your daily groceries from. But there are certain places that sell specific items that are useful to a particular community on a daily basis.

Have you been on the lookout for places to buy various Indian products from in Qatar?

You are in luck as the (ILQ) team has listed unique grocery shops and supermarkets in Qatar to buy Indian goods from! You might already know all of the big retailers here but these are also some of the shops you can check out for some special food items from India.

Let’s go shopping!

Thiru Supermarket

Indian supermarkets and grocery shops in Qatar
Image Credit: Thiru Supermarket

As per Thiru Supermarket, they sell “healthy food products from India in Qatar”. Here, you can find some unique snack items that you might be missing dearly from back home like Nagercoil nendran banana chips, Madurai famous Ababil brand sweets and snacks, Narasu’s brand coffee, and more! You can also find Krishna brand spices, Gold Winner brand cooking oil, Thiru brand flour, millets, grains, Kissan brand jam, Udhaiyam brand dal & idly rice, and more! They also regularly get fresh vegetables and fruits delivered to the store and update it on their Facebook page so you can get your hands on the freshest produce. Are you ready to fill up your cart?


  • Contact: +974 4411 4577
  • Facebook: @thirusupermarket
  • Location: Barwa Village, Doha
  • Website/WhatsApp order:

Nature Super Market Qatar

Indian supermarkets and grocery shops in Qatar
Image Credit: Nature Super Market Qatar

Nature Super Market Qatar is another place to find Indian products like millets, sweets, grains, pulses, spice powders, and more. Purchase some irresistible Jagdish brand Bakarwadi, Krishna brand Gulab Jamun Mix, Flavoury brand Tirunalveli halwa, Anil brand millet semiya, Ruchi brand pickles from them. You can also find a range of organic millets, grains and rice for every day use. Love poppadams? They have a wide variety of these in different flavours and brands for you to choose from! And if you would like to buy fresh flowers, fruits, and vegetables from India, they have a regular supply of those too! When are you visiting this supermarket?


Mangalore Supermarket Qatar

Indian supermarkets and grocery shops in Qatar
Image Credit: Mangalore Supermarket Qatar

As the name suggests, Mangalore Supermarket Qatar delivers traditional Kudla products like kori rotti, pickles, brown rice and more. Make the Mangalorean in you happy by purchasing Kalbavi brand cashews, Gokul brand vacuum fried snacks, Areca brand tea, Udupi Flavours jaggery pastes, and more! Apart from this they also stock up on a wide range of pickles, MTR brand spice powders, curry pastes, freshly imported fruits, vegetables, and flowers from India. Step in and we are sure that you will love all the desi goodness here.


Apna Desi Kirana

Indian supermarkets and grocery shops in Qatar
Image Credit: Apna Desi Kirana

Does the name take you back to the good old kirana shops of India? Well, Apna Desi Kirana, which is currently an online store, aims to bring Indian food products to its customers doorsteps. They have a wide variety of Suhana brand spice powders, instant mixes, Konkanmewa Vijaya brand mango pulp and spices, Sams brand sauces and pastes, Pravin brand pickles, etc. Feel like stocking up on desi (Indian) snacks? Check out their collection of Budhani Bros brand potato wafers, Ganesh brand bhel, Sakas brand bakarwadi, and the likes. When are you shopping with them?


Urban Space

Indian supermarkets and grocery shops in Qatar
Image Credit: Urban Space

With the theme and aim of encouraging healthy snacking, Urban Space brings to Qatar Indian snacks with a twist. Apart from snacks, they also sell dried herbs, seasonings, sauces, and more! With yummy products like Zesty Quinoa Puffs, Tangy Cheese Pita Chips With Mexican Salsa Dip, Nuts and Seeds Mix with Turmeric and Garlic and Chatpata Pudina Naan Chips with Tandoori Dip. Do give them a try and change your snacking game - order online today!


Native Bites Trading (Mittai Kadai)

Indian supermarkets and grocery shops in Qatar
Image Credit: Google

Native Bites Trading (Mittai Kadai) will take care of all your cravings for home so you don't feel homesick anymore. Whether you're looking for masalas and spices, ghees and oils, sauces and dips, Indian snacks and sweets, Original Munnar special tea and filter coffee, and so much more, you'll find it right here. There are lots of Indian products to choose from. And, the best thing is you can order via WhatsApp - try it today.


  • Contact: +974 4001 2929
  • WhatsApp: +974 3131 52520

Welcome Supermarket Qatar

Indian supermarkets and grocery shops in Qatar
Image Credit: Welcome Supermarket Qatar

You're always welcome at the Welcome Supermarket in Doha where you'll find plenty of Indian products that you may not find anywhere else. There are fruits, vegetables, and grocery items that are flown in from India on a regular basis, so you'll find that everything here is fresh. Do you know you can even find flowers and even ornate flower garlands that you can use for different occasions? Go today and be welcomed into a world of awesome Indian products!


Shahi Food

Indian supermarkets and grocery shops in Qatar
Image Credit: Shahi Food

Shahi Food is a Qatari-based Food Trading Company which was established in 2019 with a focus on importing and distributing premium Indian food products in Qatar. You'll find organic mangoes flown in by air, the most famous Vadodara's TAM TAM, Jamnagar's Kachori, Bharuch's Khari Shing, and Amazon's Healthy Snacks, Herbs and Italian Sauces Brands - Wingreens and The Green Snack Company are just some of the famous Indian brands you'll find at this well-stocked store. There's plenty of variety and you'll be spoiled for choice. Check out their website today and order away!


Universal Mart (UMart)

Indian supermarkets and grocery shops in Qatar
Image Credit: UMart Qatar

Are you craving your favourite Indian snacks, foods, papad, ready mixes, pulses, etc.? Look no further, Universal Mart has everything you will need and more. UMart is your mart, and that's definitely not an understatement. Khakhra and Bhakhari, Farali items, healthy snacks, protein bars. You name it, UMart has it!


  • Contact: +974 7030 4988‬
  • Instagram:
  • WhatsApp: +974 7030 4988‬

Sunset Vegetables and Fruits Trading

Indian supermarkets and grocery shops in Qatar
Image Credit: Google (Abdul Samadh)

If you live in the Madinat Khalifa area or around it, you'll be pleased to know that there's a great store there that stocks up on Indian products. At Sunset Vegetables and Fruits Trading, you can find all kinds of fresh and flavoursome Indian produce. Other items you'll find here are lentils, herbs, spices, ghee, oils, nuts. It's definitely a place you should shop from because you'll find plenty of things that will fulfil your sweet and savoury cravings from back home. Order today!


Bestchoice Mart

Lesser-known supermarkets in Qatar
Image Credit: Bestchoice Mart

If you're looking to stock up on a wide range of Indian products like whole spices, spice powders, ghee, tea & coffee, curry pastes, flours, etc, check out Bestchoice Mart today! They also update their social media channels whenever a fresh batch of imported fruits, vegetables, and flowers from India come to their store. You can also order online and get your favourite products delivered through the Wishbox app.


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