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Posted On: 25 May 2022 05:00 pm
Updated On: 4 January 2023 03:15 pm

How to use the new Ministry of Labour website

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
Content Writer
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Ministry of Labour New Website Guide Qatar

The Ministry of Labour's official website (, recently launched in April 2022, has made its website services easier to navigate and access by the public. Currently, the portal provides access and information to over 40 services and electronic forms. We've listed them down for you!

Key services provided for companies and individuals:

  • Query for Labor Approval Modification Request
  • The Fast-track Electronic Service for New Labour
  • Multilingual Employment Contract Digital Authentication System
  • Inquire about Employer Change Application
  • The Unified Platform for Work-related Complaints
  • Register or Update Data Establishment's Worksites
  • Apply for Profession Amendment
  • Apply to Document Agreement Contract
  • Request to Add or Update National Address for Individuals
  • Work Permit Services
  • Apply for Lifting Ban on Establishment
  • Establishment Statistics
  • Inquire about Companies Subscription and Transfering to WPS
  • Immediate Reporting of Work Injuries

How to navigate the forms & services provided:

  1. Click on “SERVICES” from the menu bar at the top of the page.
  2. Fill in the details needed to filter through the options:Ministry of Labor website select department
    Selection A. Screengrab from Ministry of Labour website
    1. Select the Department needed between Labour Inspection Department, Labour Relation Department, and Recruitment Department.Ministry of Labor website select sector
      Selection B. Screengrab from Ministry of Labour website
    2. Select the applicable Sector between Citizens, Companies, and Residents.Ministry of Labor website select type of service
      Selection C. Screengrab from Ministry of Labour website
    3. Select the type of service required: E-service or Form.
  3. If you are unsure, you can always use the search bar on the right side of the drop-down buttons.

Other services provided:

  • Project Contract Template
  • E-Contract System
  • Residential Location Data Registration
  • Portal for Printing Work Contracts
  • Request form to Renew, Replace Lost or Damaged License to Recruit Expatriate Workers for a Third-Party
  • Mobile Service SMS
  • Labour Contract for Domestic Workers
  • License to Recruit Expatriate Workers for a Third Party
  • Bank Guarantee Form
  • Labour Exit Permit Service
  • Companies Classification System
  • 6-month Reporting Registry
  • Enquiries About Suspension of Establishment’s Transactions (Ban on Establishment)
  • Service for the Employer to Notify the Employee to Leave the Country
  • Nationality Selection Service - New Employment Applications
  • Recruitment of workers from abroad
  • Follow-Up and Enquiries About Applications for Work Permits on the Sponsorship of Families-Individuals
  • Following up the Application for a Work Permit on the Sponsorship of Their Families/ for GCC Countries Nationals (Company Officials)
  • Following-Up of Complaints Filed Against Labour Recruitment Offices
  • Service to Calculate the End-of-Service
  • Establishment Information Management
  • Query for Labour Complaints
  • Applications for Approval of Extension of Labour Residence Permits
  • Enquiries About Recruitment Department Applications (Enquiries About Workers Recruitment Applications)
  • Enquiries About Results of Applications for Extension of Labour Residence Permits
  • Application Renewal of Labour Approvals
  • Labour Approval Amendment Service
  • Worksites Data Registration
  • Service of Notifying the Employer to Change the Workplace/Leave the Country
  • Profession Change Request
  • Settling Disputes Between Employers and Qatari Employees in the Private Sector

Once you have located and selected the service or form you need, you will be navigated to a dedicated page for the service. Each dedicated page will have either of the following tabs as applicable:

  • Details
  • Requirements
  • Fees
  • FAQ
  • Terms & Conditions

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