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Posted On: 25 August 2020 07:55 pm
Updated On: 2 April 2021 03:34 pm

How to relocate your pets out of Qatar

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If you're planning to move out from Qatar to a new destination and have a pet, we've put together a step-by-step procedure of the entire process and a list of pet relocators who will help and guide you through the process.

As a pet owner, it's important that you know what the laws and requirements are for the country you are relocating to. Did you know that relocating a pet can take even up to seven months or more just because of the lengthy procedures that are part of the process? Since some pet owners are unaware of the time it may take to relocate a pet, they end up leaving them behind which is very sad.

We are here to help pet owners so they don't have to do something like that and we've put together a guide of the pet relocation procedure with all the steps, what the requirements are and also given you a list of pet relocators with all their details.

Important note: If you’ve missed out anything during the pet relocation procedure, your pet won’t be able to fly out of Qatar.

Can I arrange my pet’s relocation myself or should I use a pet relocator?

This is your choice, and doing the paperwork yourself will be cheaper as there will not be agency fees. However, your research must be up-to-date and you are responsible for getting your pet’s medical procedures done and for transporting them to and from the airport.

At a time when your family is relocating, it might be stressful to also handle your pet’s travel. The benefit of pet relocators means they handle everything from start to finish, and they will know all the laws, any changes and can advise you on pet taxis and what to do at your destination too.

Will my pet be OK during relocation?

Your worry is understandable but animals get relocated every week to different parts of the world. The pet relocators and the airlines have lots of experience dealing with relocating pets, but if you still feel somewhat nervous talk to them and let them address your queries so you can relax and let them take care of the rest.

For additional information, you can contact pet relocators in Doha (given below), in case any further requirements or changes have been made to the process of importing or exporting. You can even hire pet re-locaters to carry out the entire process for you.

Pet relocation steps

Step 1: Pet relocation laws of the country you're headed to

Every country has a different procedure and different requirements when it comes to relocating a pet. So, it's important you do your research and find out the pet relocation laws of your destination country to make sure you follow the correct procedure, otherwise your pet won’t be able to travel. Some countries in Europe, Canada and USA are pretty much straightforward, but it may still take up to five months for the entire procedure. For some countries like New Zealand And Australia, you should start planning your pet’s relocation, at least, seven months before you actually plan to leave.

Step 2: Relocation cost

It's advisable to obtain several quotes from different pet relocators or vets (as several vets in Qatar are also relocationg agents). Costs vary from company to company and are dependent on a number of different factors. It depends on whether you will cargo the pet or take it on the same flight as yourself. There are the flight/freight costs (airway bill), the airline used, the relocating service fee, vaccinations, crate, health certificate, vet checks, export certificate, microchipping, quarantine (depending on the country you are relocating to). It also includes the size of the pet, its food, water and other necessities.

Step 3: Microchipping your pet

Getting your pet microchipped is a must, and health checks and vaccinations are only valid if they are done after the microchip has been implanted. A record of the date the micro-chipping was done must be clear in your pet's vet book or you need a vet letter to confirm when the chip was implanted.

Step 4: Medical examination by the vet

The vet (the list is at the end of the article) must do a thorough medical examination of the pet to ensure it is fit and healthy to travel. Pets like cats and dogs may also require worming medication and front-lining.

Step 5: Vaccinations

Your pets must have all the necessary vaccinations as required from the country to which you’ll be travelling to. Your pet should be checked at a vet prior to travel to ensure it’s in good health and does not carry any parasites. The most important vaccination is the rabies shot.

Before travelling out of Qatar, the law requires all dogs and cats to have a current rabies vaccination that has been given within 30 - 364 days prior to travelling. Your pets should also have an export certificate, even if you are moving to a country that does not require an export certificate, according to Paws Rescue Qatar, which also states that:

"For the European Union and a lot of other countries, your pet must pass a RATT test (rabies antibody titre test) not less than 30 days after their last rabies shot, even if they have a pet passport. Once your pet passes this test, it will take another 90 days before they can actually travel. There is a waiting time to get the RATT, it's not a walk-in procedure. You need to book ahead of time, and the test is done in groups, so it's best to call and confirm with a vet and also make an appointment. The RATT test lasts for the life of your pet as long as the rabies shots are kept up to date.
If you are relocating your pet to the more strict countries, it can’t travel until 180 days (six months) after blood is taken for a satisfactory rabies neutralising antibody titre test (RNATT). The RNATT result is valid for two years after the date that the blood was collected. The animal must have a valid Rabies vaccination certificate at the time of export. Australia accepts a rabies certificate that is valid for three years. The most important thing to do therefore is to get this done at least 180 days before the date you plan to export your dog to these countries."

    Step 6: Veterinary Health Certificate

    A Veterinary Health Certificate to show that your pet is healthy for travel is required a week or so before departure after the vet has done a medical examination. This can be obtained from the Ministry of Municipality and Environment online by using the following link:, according to Hukoomi.

    Online Instructions

    Here are the online instructions to get a Veterinary Health Certificate, according to Hukoomi Qatar:

    • Select user login type to “Health Certificate Service”, which is either “Individuals” or “Company”.
    • In case of individuals, enter your QID and mobile numbers, and in case of companies, enter the Commercial Registry number and password.
    • Click on “Login”.
    • Select “Veterinary Health Certificate for Dogs and Cats Export” from the “New Application” menu.
    • Fill out the online form entering all the required information.
    • Attach the following documents:
    • Animal Health Certificate for Travel, issued by a public or private veterinary clinic, including the microchip number - if found (some countries require e-numbering)
    • Authorization to issue the certificate under the name of another applicant (upon request)
    • Copy of QID of applicant
    • Dog or cat immunization card, clarifying expiry date of last vaccination against rabies and vaccine operational number
    • Blood test report on antibodies against rabies, issued from accredited laboratories (for some countries)
    • Click on “Send”.
    • Pay appropriate fees, then print the certificate and receive a payment receipt.


    A fee of QR 10 applies for every certificate.

    Additional Information

    • The Verification Service of the Health Certificate to Importing Countries is available via the Veterinary Health Certificate Verification System, by entering the certificate number then clicking on “Search”.
    • The certificate is issued according to the language (Arabic or English) selected to fill in the application.
    • The certificate is valid for 15 days from the date of issuance.
    • This service can be obtained immediately.
    • For support, please call on the following numbers: +974 4426 1656 / 4426 3639.
    How to relocate your pets out of Qatar

    Step 7. Make sure you have all the documentation

    Travel regulations require you to make all necessary documentation for your pet available before travel. Such documents include their health certificate (signed by your veterinarian, indicating that the animal is fit to fly), export certificate, updated vaccinations, and identification or pet passport. You will also have to provide your passport copy as the owner of the pet and a letter of intent signed by you.

    Step 8: Select your airline

    Similar to researching the regulations of the country you're planning to travel to, you must also research the regulations of the airline you're planning to take your pet(s) on. It’s also important to note the International Air Transport Association (IATA) rules.

    Different airlines have different regulations where some breeds may be allowed, but others may not be. Airlines also specify the weight and size of the crate in which your pet will travel in. Make sure that there is enough room for your pet to be comfortable as the journey will most likely be a long one. Check out Qatar Airways regulations (you'll get a lot of important and relevant information here):

    Step 9: Quarantine

    Quarantine of pets like dogs is mandatory in some countries, like Singapore, Japan, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Quarantine regulations may keep changing on a regular basis, so be sure to check out whether your pet/dog will be quarantined in your destination country or not. If your pet does have to be quarantined, you have to bear all the costs.

    Step 10: Pet comfort

    Ensure that your pet will have a comfortable journey by providing it with enough food and water (check flight regulations). It’s recommended that there should be a blanket in the crate with your pet. Don’t sedate your pet for the journey. Most airlines prohibit the use of sedatives on your pets. Make sure the crate is fully secured and isn’t in risk of breaking or opening on the flight.

    List of pet relocators in Qatar

    Canadian Veterinary Hospital

    Image credit: Canadian Veterinary Hospital

    The Canadian Veterinary Hospital proudly offers the most complete pet relocation services in Qatar. Their talented detail orientated team includes an IPATA member veterinarian, who has more than 20 years experience with pet relocation in the Gulf.

    The Canadian Veterinary Hospital's team also provides all pet services for QAS Cargo in Doha, and handle all the import, export and transit pets for Qatar. The highly dedicated team of animal lovers ensures that while away from their families, pets receive all the gentle love and attention they need.


    • Timings: 7 days a week: 8 am – 12 am (midnight)
    • Location: Near the Intersection of Arab League, Jelaiah and Duhail Streets, Doha - Qatar
    • Tel: +974 4411 8850
    • E-mail: [email protected]
    • For more information, visit their website:
    • Facebook: @canvetdoha
    • Instagram: @canadian_vet_hospital_qatar

    Dragon Animal Care Center

    Founded in 2016 in Doha, Dragons is not just another animal care centre, but a place where animals are treated with respect, love, and empathy. A place where each and everyone honours the human-animal bond. Dragons offers hands-on assistance in relocating your pet.


    • Timings: Saturday to Thursday: 8 am - 10 pm; Friday: 2 pm - 10 pm
    • Location: Ain Bin Bahar Street, Umm Lekhba, Duhail, Doha - Qatar
    • Tel: +974 4441 1866
    • E-mail: [email protected]
    • For more information, visit their website:
    • Facebook: @dragonanimalcarecenter
    • Instagram: @dragonanimalcarecenter

    ISS Relocation

    ISS Relocation arranges flights using the pet-friendly service providers, veterinary checks, vaccinations, quarantine, preparing documentation, government departments licenses, permits, flight kennel and coordinating quarantine etc. and collecting your pet from the port or airport on arrival and completing all customs formalities for the safe delivery of your pet.


    Move One Qatar

    Image credit Move One

    Move One knows pets aren’t just cargo – they are part of the family. For more than 26 years, Move One has been handling the relocation of family pets and security/work dogs. They take pride in their obsessive attention to detail and planning as well as their personal attention to each relocation.

    Every Move One office is staffed with experienced and knowledgeable pet shipping experts (pet shippers) to either guide you through the process of collecting the documentation or handling the entire process.

    • A dedicated team of multilingual experienced and knowledgeable specialists.
    • Full consultation on animal import and export regulations.
    • Veterinary and travel document compliance review.
    • Preparation and submission of all necessary documentation (i.e. pet animal import license).
    • Coordinate quality, comfortable travel crates – custom made to suit individual pets.
    • Consultation and planning of routing and transport options.
    • Sourcing of multilingual veterinarians.
    • Delivery to airport and airline check-in.
    • Collection from the airport, customs clearance and delivery to a new home.
    • Boarding, kenneling and quarantine (if required) coordination.


    Timings: Saturday to Thursday: 8 am – 8 pm; Friday closed
    Office no. 3, 2nd Floor, All Sales Market Building No. 263, Salwa Road, Doha - Qatar
    +974 4411 3170 / 4431 8630
    E-mail: [email protected]
    For more information, visit their website:
    Facebook: @MoveOne.Qatar

    Parkview Pet Center

    Image credit: Parkview Pet Center

    The Parkview Pet Center understands that moving your furry friends can be very stressful, complicated and confusing. That's why they offer a safe and personal service for your loved ones. They focus on each pet-specific need before shipping and upon arrival. The safety of your pet comes first and is Parkview's top priority. Through their experience and love of animals, they can assure you that your pet is in good hands


    Qatar Pet Relocators

    Established in 2004, Qatar Pet Relocators is dedicated to providing affordable relocation assistance for the import and export of family pets within Qatar. From dogs and cats to horses and parrots, Qatar Pet Relocators they can assist you with the relocation of your beloved family pet.

    Founded by Janet Berry, a British expat who has lived in Qatar since 2002, Qatar Pet Relocators is a family run company who offer a professional yet friendly approach to pet relocations. As a member of IPATA, they pride themselves in ensuring that the welfare of the animals they relocate is their highest priority and they work closely alongside the Qatar Animal Welfare Society.


    Vets for Pets

    Image credit: Vets For Pets Qatar

    Vets For Pets Qatar offers international pet relocation services in Doha. If you know you may be leaving the country, please contact them immediately. The process of obtaining an International Health Certificate can take months. Vets For Pets will help you to understand the steps you need to take to keep your animal companions with you when you move.


    The Veterinary Surgery

    Image credit: The Veterinary Surgery

    The Veterinary Surgery in Doha can help make the process of relocating your pet convenient and free of stress. They offer an A to Z pet transport service for animals arriving in or departing from Qatar. Their friendly, professional team has a wealth of experience with pet relocation services and would be happy to answer any questions you have.


    • Timings: Saturday to Thursday: 8 am – 8 pm; Friday closed
    • Location: 4 Omar Street, Bin Mahmoud Area, Doha - Qatar
    • Tel: +974 4436 7187
    • Fax: +974 4436 7187
    • E-mail: [email protected]
    • For more information, visit their website:
    • Facebook: @dohavets
    • Instagram: @dohavets
    • Twitter: @Dohavets

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