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Posted On: 29 March 2022 04:00 pm
Updated On: 30 March 2022 10:05 am

Homeschooling in Qatar: what you need to know!

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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As expats migrate with their families to Qatar, education is an important consideration for their children and looking for an affordable school is even more important. While there are public and private schools in Qatar another alternative that expats could take a look into would be homeschooling their children in Qatar. Aside from cutting down costs, homeschooling also gives the opportunity for flexible study options and for some, a chance for parents to continue their children's education while waiting to get a place in the school of their choice.

In an interview with the (ILQ) team, Marissa Mendonca, an expat residing in Qatar for 7 years and a member of Doha Home Educators, says that she has been homeschooling her 12-year old child herself for 4 years already. She said the decision to start homeschooling came when she and her husband realized that traditional schooling did not match their child's needs. She mentioned that as parents, they saw gaps in extending their child's learning that needed to be addressed and found homeschooling as a great solution.

However, she stressed that not everyone finds homeschooling helpful for their own child, and with that, she advised parents to "do what's best for your child". If you think homeschooling is something you wish to pursue, read on to know how you could do so here in Qatar!

Homeschooling regulations in Qatar

Expat parents can use the curriculum of their home country.
Expat parents have the freedom to choose their desired curriculum, may it be from their home country or internationally. (Image credit: Shutterstock)

As per Home School Legal Defense Association, “homeschooling falls under the umbrella ‘parallel’ or ‘alternative schooling'.

Qatari citizens

According to Al Meezan Law No. 25 of 2001 Mandatory Education Act, education is mandatory for Qatari citizens. Qatari citizens may also only homeschool their children if they register and receive a waiver from the Supreme Education Council (SEC). A waiver is only given to citizens under the following conditions:

  1. The child has extenuating circumstances, such as health or medical reasons (including cognitive disabilities), whose special needs cannot be met in a regular classroom/school setting.
  2. The child has reached an age for which compulsory schooling no longer applies (over the age covered by compulsory schooling law).


Expats can homeschool their children within Qatar as there are no laws regarding this that apply to residents. However, it is important to note that if you wish to switch to traditional schools after homeschooling, Qatar schools require education transcripts for admission, therefore the homeschool you choose should definitely be an accredited program.

Since there aren’t any regulations for expats' homeschooling in Qatar, Doha Home Educators recommends parents follow the rules of homeschooling in their home country. In following the laws of your own country, Marissa Mendonca from Doha Home Educators says that it not only safeguards your child's education in terms of legalities, but it also allows for continuity should your child decide to start schooling back in your home country.

Homeschool institutions in Qatar

Homeschool Global Qatar
Homeschool Global Qatar is one of the homeschooling institutions available in Qatar. (Image Credit: Homeschool Global Qatar)

Are you looking to start homeschooling your child or children? Here are some homeschool programs available in Qatar.

  1. Tech BJU
  2. TLC Online
  3. Touch
  4. Bridgeway Academy
  5. Homeschool Global Qatar

Homeschooling parents recommend not only checking the laws and regulations of homeschooling in your country but also carefully selecting the right homeschool provider for you. If possible, get a trial period from the provider you've chosen to ensure that it's the right fit for your child.

Homeschool communities in Qatar

Homeschool Communities in Qatar
Joining homeschool communities in Qatar allows gatherings with fellow homeschooled families possible!

There are already a number of expats who homeschool their children here in Qatar. A number of communities have been formed where these families find information and support from other homeschooled families. It is very helpful to join these communities as they help find new resources for homeschooling as well as relevant events and activities. These communities are also a great help to children's socializing skills.

Join any of these groups and be welcomed!

  1. Doha Home Educators
  2. Qatar Homeschooling Network
  3. LITTLE CROWN Homeschool Support Group

Source: Homeschool Global Qatar, Doha Home Educators, Home School Legal Defense Association, Expatica

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