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Posted On: 10 March 2022 01:00 pm
Updated On: 10 March 2022 01:15 pm

How to check travel ban online in Qatar

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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A travel ban circular is a ban imposed on citizens and residents of Qatar that have pending judicial cases in the country. Having a travel ban circular would limit them to travel into or out of Qatar.

You may use online services to find out whether there is a travel ban circular against you so that you can settle this through the competent authority before leaving the country.

As per the announcement on 8 March 2022, the Supreme Judicial Council of Qatar confirmed that citizens and residents can see the circulars of travel ban orders before leaving the country through the Metrash2 application. Aside from this, you can also view travel ban circulars on the e-services portal of the Ministry of Interior.

The (ILQ) team has put together a guide on how to check if you have a travel ban via the Metrash2 app. Checking your travel ban circulars through the app can be done in just 3 easy steps. Find them below:

How to check travel ban through Metrash2

Metrash2 Travel Ban
Screengrab from Metrash2 app.
  • Download the Metrash2 application: Google Play/ App Store
  • The next step is to log in.
  • Click on the upper right icon.
  • Then click on 'Travel Ban'.
  • If there are no existing travel ban circulars for your account, a notice will appear on your screen that says, "No data found for this search".
Screengrab from Metrash2 app.

How to check Travel Ban through e-services portal

Another way to check your travel ban circulars is through the Ministry of Interior's e-services portal. Before logging into the portal, be sure that you have an existing smartcard. Follow the steps below:

Eservices Portal for Travel Ban
Screengrab from e-services portal.
  • First, login with your smartcard to the e-services portal of the Ministry of Interior.
  • Then, select required transaction type (personal for smart card owner or company name for authorized person).
Eservices Portal for Travel Ban
Screengrab from e-services portal.
  • Click on “General Services”
  • Then select “Travel Ban Inquiry”
Eservices Portal for Travel Ban
Screengrab from e-services portal.
  • Use the page “List of Travel Ban Circulars” to view the circulars recorded on your ID number and the commanding entities.
  • After logging in to the service, the system will show a list of travel ban circulars (if any).
  • Log out of the service to close it.
  • In case of no recorded circulars, the system will display a message stating so.

Source: Ministry of Interior, Hukoomi

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