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Posted On: 14 October 2020 02:00 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:18 am

How to apply for a Family Residence Visa in Qatar

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How to apply for a Family Residence Visa in Qatar

Are you an expatriate in Qatar? Are you staying here alone without your family? Would you like to have them come and stay with you? You can apply for a Family Residence visa for them, if you fulfil the criteria set forth by the Ministry of Interior in Qatar.

If you're an expatriate in Qatar and earn QR 10,000 or more (or QR 7,000 with family housing facility given by the company), have your Qatar ID under a professional visa category, and have worked for, at least, six months with your company, you can bring your immediate family/dependents (spouse, sons, daughters) to Qatar, so you can stay together. For this, you'll need to obtain a Family Residence Visa so you can sponsor them. Every family member, including any babies/infants, need to have their own separate Family Residence Visa and, subsequently, Qatar ID.

Please note: you cannot sponsor a son who is over 25 years old, but unmarried daughters of any age can be sponsored.

Disclaimer: In light of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in Qatar and around the world, the Family Residence Visa applications are currently on hold. We will inform you once you can apply for a Family Residence visa again.

The Family Residence Visa will be granted under your employership (provided you have a valid Qatar ID) and if you can fulfil the conditions mentioned above, and provide the documents mentioned below.

How to apply for a Family Residence Visa in Qatar
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Family Residence Visa validity

The Family Residence Visa can be obtained for 1 to 5 years.

Cost of the Family Residence Visa

For each individual, the cost of the Family Residence Visa is QR 500 per year.

Documents required for Family Residence Visa

To sponsor your family, you will need to submit the following documents:

  • Completed application form (if applying offline/in-person, download the form HERE).
  • Authenticated marriage certificate (attested the Qatar Embassy in your country, your country's embassy in Doha and then by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Doha).
  • Authenticated birth certificates of children (attested the Qatar Embassy in your country, your country's embassy in Doha and then by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Doha).
  • Educational certificate (attested the Qatar Embassy in your country, your country's embassy in Doha and then by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Doha).
  • Tenancy rental/lease contract.
  • Copies of passports of all family members.
  • No objection letter from the employer.
  • Employment contract (authenticated by the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs).
  • Salary certificate (proof of salary).
  • Six months bank statement.
  • Certificate of good conduct (Police Clearance), authenticated by the relevant authorities for adults.
  • Any other conditions deemed necessary by the competent authority in this regard.
How to apply for a Family Residence Visa in Qatar
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Please note:

  • The application form should be typed or written in Arabic.
  • Required names and data should be typed exactly as written in the passports
  • Residence permit of a foreign spouse of a Gulf citizen, issued in their country should be valid, or a marriage approval certified by the competent authorities must be submitted.
  • If your marriage certificate, birth certificates of your children and your educational degrees are in English or some other language, they must be translated into Arabic by a government-approved translation service in Qatar.
  • All attached copies must be legible/readable and clear.
  • Original documents are required at the time of registration.

Additional documents that may be required

  • Employment contract (employees in government or semi-government entities should have family housing from the employer, or family allowance should be provided as specified within the employment contract)
  • Profession and salary of employees in government or semi-government institutions will be confirmed by an official letter from the institution.

How to submit and follow up applications for Family Residence Visas

Offline instructions

You can submit your Family Residence Visa applications and all documents directly to the Gharafa Department of Immigration which is located in Madinat Khalifa, Doha.

Online Instructions for the MOI e-services portal

  • Log in with your smartcard to the MOI e-services portal
  • Click on “Recruitment and Visa Services”, and then on “Family Visit Application”.
  • Select visa application type from the “Application Type” list.

To submit a new application

  • Select “New Application” from the “Application Options” list, then click on “Next”.
  • Enter family member's details and relation to them and click on “Next”.
  • Enter passport details of the family member and then click on “Next”.
  • Enter your e-mail address to receive a copy of the receipt; then click on “Next”.
  • Attach the required documents (the list is given above), and click on “Next”.
  • Recheck the data you have entered to make sure you have put in the correct details and attached all the documents, and then click on “Submit”.
How to apply for a Family Residence Visa in Qatar
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To inquire and follow up on the application

  • Select “Application Follow up” and then click on “Next".
  • You will see a list of the previously submitted application(s) with the status and documents
  • Check the “Application Details”; then click on “Next”.
  • In case you missed out some documents when you submitted the application, click on “Upload Missing Documents”.
  • Attach the missing documents according to the “application status”, then click on “Submit”.

Online instructions for the Metrash2 mobile app

  • Login to your Metrash 2.
  • Click on "Visa Services" and then on "Visa Operation".
  • Find the "Family Applications" icon and click.
  • On the "Family Applications" page, click on "New Application"
  • Fill in all the required details for your family, and click on "Validate'.
  • You will be told to upload your scanned and required documents (all documents must be clear), and "Submit".

What happens after you submit the application

  1. Once you have submitted your applications online or offline, you will be given a receipt with the application number. You can track the application status on the Ministry of Interior website.
  2. If the application is still under process even after seven working days, go to the Ministry of Interior and follow up on your application.
  3. Once your application is approved, make the visa payment. You will get an SMS on your mobile.

What happens after the Family Residence Visa is approved

  1. When the payment has been done, your spouse and/or children can travel to Qatar. It's important to ensure they have a copy of their Qatar Residence Visa when they travel
  2. Once your spouse and/or children enter Qatar, you will have three months to apply for their Qatar ID.
  3. Your spouse and/or children will have to take a copy of the printed visa and visa payment receipt to the Medical Commission in Doha with QR 100 to have a medical fitness test which includes a blood test and a chest x-ray done.
  4. You will receive the medical fitness report after three working days. You will get an SMS on your mobile.
  5. Your spouse will need to get their biometrics done at the Mesaimeer Immigration Office. After the biometrics are done, it may take 2-3 days for the system to be updated with the fingerprints. You will get an SMS on your mobile.
  6. After all the steps have been followed, you can have QIDs printed for your family after going to the Immigration Office.
  7. Your family will be with you and you can all enjoy your life together in this beautiful country.

What happens if the Family Residence Visa is rejected

If this does happen, you will have to, maybe, add additional documents or meet with the authorities personally. Once you have fulfilled all the requirements, the Family Residence Visa will be approved. Usually, the visa is not rejected, especially if all documentation is correct and all information accurate.

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