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Posted On: 13 January 2021 05:43 pm

A guide on how to use the new PHCC app: Nar'aakom

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Thanks to the digitalization efforts of the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC). Qatar citizens and residents can now easily access health care with just a few clicks. Launched this January 2021, the 'Nar’aakom’ mobile application not only lets you view your health card information but also allows eligible citizens and residents without a health card yet to obtain one.

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Scroll down to know more about PHCC's 'Nar'aakom' app!

What are the e-services provided by the Nar'aakom app?

  • Apply for Health Card
  • Add dependent
  • Request appointments
  • Change Family Physician
  • Change Health Center
  • Renew Health Card

In what languages is the app available?

Currently, it's available in two languages: English and Arabic. You can change the language by clicking the top right button when you first open the app or through your Account upon login.

Where can I download the 'Nar'aakom' app?

You can download it via the App Store or Google Play Store.

How can I login into the Nar'aakom app?

To log in, you need to input your TAWTHEEQ account using your Qatar ID and password. If you don't have a TAWTHEEQ account yet, click the blue button to register.

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how to login nar'aakom app create tawtheeq account
Image credit: Nar'aakom app (screengrab)

Create a new TAWTHEEQ account

  • Choose account type
  • Enter QID
  • Enter mobile number (If your mobile number is not under your ownership, your account will be created but not active. You have to contact the call center 109 to activate your account.)
  • Click Captcha and Continue
  • Fill in Personal Information details (Nationality, Name, Date of Birth, Blue Plate Address, Email address.
  • Enter password
  • Input code sent to your mobile number to finish the registration.
  • Click Back to the main site.

Who can log in to the app?

  • Individuals aged 18 years and older
  • Individuals currently in Qatar who have valid QID.

What information can I find in the Nar'aakom app?

Upon signing in, you can view your health card number, health card validity, assigned health center, and assigned family physician on the app's Home page. You can also see your upcoming appointments, dependents (if any), and requests.

Nar'aakom app PHCC qatar
Image credit: Nar'aakom app (PHCC)

How to request a change in the health center through the Nar'aakom app?

  • Click E-services
  • Click Change Health Center
  • Input your Building number, Street number, Zone number as shown in your address' blue plate
  • Select your reason for transfer (Resident address changed, family status changed, change of sponsor, other)
  • Upload documents (Applicant QID, Rental contract/Kahramaa bill
  • Tick consent box

Note that your new health center is not confirmed yet unless the PHCC e-services team has notified you.

e-services of nar'aakom app phcc qatar
Image credit: Nar'aakom app (PHCC)

How to request an appointment through the Nar'aakom app?

  • Click e-services
  • Click Request appointment
  • Click Applicant name
  • Select Clinic (Health Education, Dietetics, Family Physician, General Dental, Medical Commission)
  • Select Appointment Date and Time
  • Choose Shift (AM/PM)
  • Choose Preferred time for 107 to call (AM/PM)
  • Click Book Appointment

Please note that the appointment request is not confirmed unless the call center calls to confirm it (can take up to 48 hours before confirmation).

Can I apply for a health card or renew my health card using the Nar'aakom app?

You can apply for a health card for yourself or your dependents through the app by clicking on the E-services then Apply for Health Card. Fill-up the required personal information details and upload the necessary documents required (with an asterisk).

If your health card is up for renewal, the app allows you to navigate Hukoomi’s website to renew your health card online.

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