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Posted On: 31 July 2019 11:23 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:18 am

Formalities for getting married in Qatar

Arvin Garcia
Arvin Garcia
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Expatriates amount to around 88% of the population of Qatar. A significant number of expats making Qatar their second home and getting married here is not a rarity anymore. And when it comes to marriage, there are different process and procedures for expats to follow. So if you're planning to tie the knot in Doha, make sure you scroll all the way down.

Living together in Qatar without marriage is forbidden

Married couple

In general, Qatar is a Muslim country with very strict rules and laws when it comes to getting married. According to the Sharia laws, it prohibits anyone from living together without marriage, once caught they will be arrested and jailed.

The process

Marriage contract

There are different marriage procedures depending on your religion and nationality. Here is a guide of different married scenarios for your information. Keep in mind, every country sets its own regulations, so depending on the country of origin, they may require you to submit certain documents. We recommend contacting your embassy for more details.

Non-Muslims Expat Marriages

Christian marriage is the only non-muslim marriage officially recognised by the State of Qatar. Here are the steps to follow if you want to get married.

1) Visit the church (Anglican, Catholic or Orthodox) and get married. Different churches require different documentation, we recommend you to contact the church for more information. Church will issue a marriage certificate after the ceremony.

2) Bring your original marriage certificate to the following centers, Asian Services at Al Muntazah or Al Haiki Translation (+974 4436 7755) for Arabic translation and accreditation.

3) Take the original marriage certificate and Arabic translation to the Documentation and Administration section at the Ministry of Justice’s office in the West Bay. The ministry will stamp the back of the marriage certificate with a registration number and keep the copy and Arabic translation for its records. For more information, please visit the Ministry’s website.

4) Visit the local embassy to give a copy of the marriage contract.

Muslim Expat Marriages

There are certain requirements that Muslims need to meet in order to be eligible for marriage.

1) Visit the Family Court to get a marriage certificate, it is located in Al Sadd and open from Monday to Thursday.

2) The Muslim female should come along with the father, brother or any male member of the family to be married.

3) During the ceremony, the couple must provide two witnesses to complete the wedding ceremony.

* The former Sharia court has been renamed to the Family Court. This is also the place where the wedding takes place.

Muslim Male and Non-Muslim Female Expat Marriages

According to Law No. 22 of 2006 Promulgating the “The Family Law” Article 25 states that Muslim woman can only marry a Muslim man and Muslim Man can marry a Non-Muslim woman who is Christian or Jewish only.

1) Visit the Family Court of Qatar.

2) The non-Muslim female should also be accompanied by her father, brother or any male family member to be married.

Muslim Female and Non-Muslim Male Expat Marriages

A Muslim female can only marry a Muslim male.

We hope with all these pieces of information, getting married here in Qatar would just be easy and smooth-sailing for all expat lovers out there. As long as you follow all these guidelines, you will never go wrong. Did this article help you? Let us know and send us your comments below. Like and share the article - it keeps us going!

Source: Hukoomi, Ministry of Justice, Al Meezan - Law 22, U.S. Embassy in Qatar