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Posted On: 23 June 2021 11:00 am
Updated On: 15 July 2021 01:11 pm

Guide to FAHES vehicle inspection in Qatar

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FAHES is the center of vehicle inspection in Qatar. Its primary mission is to ensure that all vehicles on the roads of Qatar are safe so as to lessen the chance of accidents and injury thereby ensuring the safety of the general public. FAHES also maintains vehicle registration records and ensures that vehicles meet emission standards.

Technical vehicle inspection is also a part of vehicle registration (Istimara) renewal.

What to check before inspection

To prepare your vehicle for the technical inspection, make sure to check the following:

The presence of excessive dirt, valuables, anti-skid brake system, accelerators, airbags, Amber Beacon Warning lights, batteries, bodywork, brakes, bumpers, chassis, doors and door handles, drive shafts, electrical wires, engines, exhaust emissions, exhaust systems, fire extinguishers, fuel caps, fuel systems, headlights, hoods, horns, license plates, lights & switches, mirrors, modifications, mudguards, oil leaks, paint, rear red reflectors, read red reflective stickers, reverse horn, safety belts, sand tires, seats, shock absorbers, side under-run protection, spare tires, steering, steering wheel, sun visors, suspension, tinted windows, tires, transmissions, wheel fixings, wheels, windows, and wipers.

Documents required for FAHES

The primary document you need for FAHES inspection is your registration card (Istimara) but in some situations, appropriate official Traffic department documents with the vehicle details will be requested.

FAHES Inspection procedure

Guide to FAHES vehicle inspection in Qatar
Image Credit: FAHES
  • Registration: Once your vehicle is already prepared for inspection, head to the registration booth to register for the inspection. This is where you'll hand over your vehicle registration card (Istimara). You'll be asked for your mobile number where they'll send your inspection report.
  • Payment: Cash is not allowed so make sure to bring your debit or credit card to pay for the appropriate fees. Proceed to collect your registration copies (customer receipt and Inspector's Copy) from the registration booth.
  • Inspection: Drive slowly to the inspection lane and follow the inspector's instructions until the inspection is completed.
  • Report: After the inspection, drive to the report booth for the inspection approval, where you'll hand over your customer receipt to the Customer Service staff. This is where you'll find out if your vehicle passed or failed.

Inspection frequency requirements

Vehicle ageInspection Frequency
Private passenger carEvery year after three years old
Private transport less than 3000 kg (individual owner)Every year after three years old
Private transport less than 3000 kg (company-owned)Every year from first registration
Private transport/trailers more than 3000 kgEvery year from first registration
Taxi, rental cars, and motorcyclesEvery year from first registration

FAHES fees

Fees can be paid using a credit card or debit card.

Vehicle typeFees
Private passenger carQR 150
Light Vehicle (Taxi, private & public transport less than 3000kg) QR 160
MotorcycleQR 100

Click here for more information about FAHES fees for other vehicle categories.

According to FAHES, if the first re-inspection is a 'FAIL' then the subsequent following re-inspection is a paid inspection at the normal main inspection rate. Any inspections after this follow the pattern of one paid and one free if they are within 30 days from the original main inspection. If a vehicle doesn't PASS within 30 days of the first main inspection all previous reports and repairs will be ignored and a new fresh main inspection will take place checking every item again.

FAHES locations and working hours

FAHES stations working hours as of June 2021
FAHES stations working hours as of June 2021
  • FAHES Mobile Station - Madinat Al Shamal - +974 4021 7777
  • FAHES Al Egda - +974 4021 8784
  • FAHES Shahaniya - +974 4021 8900
  • FAHES Al Mazrouah - +974 4021 8800
  • FAHES Wadi Al Banat - +974 4021 8700
  • FAHES Industrial Area - +974 4021 7777
  • FAHES Mesaimeer West - +974 4021 8740
  • FAHES Al Wukair - +974 4021 8762
  • FAHES Al Wakrah - +974 4021 8777

Click here to find out more information about the FAHES Stations.

Best time for inspection

According to FAHES, the best time for the vehicle inspection is between 12 pm to 3 pm during mid-week and the middle of the month. This is to avoid the busiest times during 8 am to 12 pm of working days in the first and last weeks of the month.

How to request for new FAHES inspection online

Guide to FAHES vehicle inspection in Qatar
Image Credit: WOQOD

Through the WOQOD app (available in Google Play and Apple App Store), you can request a new FAHES inspection and access the following features:

  • FAHES stations
  • Inspection Tips
  • About FAHES

For the FAHES Inspection Pre-Registration using the WOQOD app, you need to input your Customer Type, Qatari ID, Mobile Number, Car Plate Plate Type, and Email address. Submit and pay through the app.

Source: FAHES


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