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Posted On: 3 December 2019 06:14 pm
Updated On: 18 August 2022 05:02 pm

Where to buy eco-friendly products in Qatar

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Buy eco friendly products sustainable reusable qatar

Living an eco-friendly, plastic-free, and zero-waste life ain't easy, but we can start with little things, swapping one plastic at a time with a more sustainable and reusable option. Items that will help reduce our carbon footprint and be good for the environment, so that we may be able to preserve it for generations to come.

Remember, every small gesture counts. To help you find eco-friendly products and help you live a more environmentally conscious life, the (ILQ) team has listed places in Qatar where you can buy eco-friendly products from! Check them out here.


Where to buy eco-friendly products in Qatar
Image credit: Ecoleaf website

A manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly food packaging products, Ecoleaf supplies its products to food processing companies, supermarkets, restaurants, and other service institutions. Their catalogue includes bio coated paper cups, recyclable paper products, sugarcane food containers, wooden cutlery, and palm tree leaf plates & bowls.



Where to buy eco-friendly products in Qatar
Image credit: Ecosouk Facebook page

This shop was founded by Laura Brennan, a TV presenter on Al Jazeera English, who got her inspiration for Ecosouk during one of her trips to the supermarket where she refused to use the plastic bags that are often used in the fruits and vegetable section. Their produce bags start at QR 30 for 5 mesh drawstring bags with a carabiner clip. They also sell Bamboo straws, makeup rounds, menstrual cups, cotton buds, Beeswax food bags and more.


Papercut Factory

Where to buy eco-friendly products in Qatar
Image credit: Papercut Factory

Papercut Factory is committed to providing various nature-friendly products that are made from recyclable paper and biodegradable plastic. Some of their products include stationery items, paper bags, paper cups, take away packaging, bottles, consumables, containers, sugarcane packaging, and more. You can purchase their products from their website or contact them directly.

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The Dreambow Collective

the dreambow collective qatar
Image credit: The Dreambow Collective

The Dreambow Collective is a baby brand providing premium and ethically sourced products for little ones. You can shop for disposable nappies that are biodegradable, hypoallergenic, safe, soft, comfortable, and eco-friendly. They also sell skincare products made from pure oils, gentle herbs, and the cleanest ingredients. As per them, you can visit their website to purchase, DM them on their Instagram or even order via their app.


Torba Store

Where to buy eco-friendly products in Qatar
Image credit: Torba Store

The Torba Store is another great place to buy reusable products, handmade soaps, organic veggies, fresh bread, jams and more. The best part is that they are plastic-free.

You can also find their products for sale at Evergreen Organics at The Gate Mall, West Bay. Have you checked it out yet? They have also introduced WhatsApp delivery, how convenient!

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Written by Darlene Madrid, updated by Vrinda Abilash

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