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Posted On: 9 August 2020 05:53 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:18 am

East and Southeast Asian food stores and grocery shops in Qatar

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There are a lot of popular and big supermarket/hypermarket chains in Qatar where you can get Asian ingredients. But Qatar is also home to smaller Asian specialty food stores and grocery shops where you can find food items and other products you usually won't find in the other establishments. Scroll down to find out about these stores!

Amana Puregold

Amana Puregold is a Filipino grocery store at Al Sadd that sells majority of Filipino products as well as local items. Aside from grocery and fresh produce, they also have popular Filipino products such as beauty products and clothing. You can find smoked milkfish, grated cassava, banana blossom, glutinous rice balls, pepper leaves, Filipino native cakes, BongBong's products, calamansi, salted eggs and ready-to-eat items.

However, it's not affiliated in any way to the popular Puregold chain in the Philippines.

  • Contact: 4441 8840; 7470 7132
  • Location: Building 44, Street 893, Al Sadd, Doha, Qatar

Jakarta Supermarket

Image credit: Jakarta Supermarket/Facebook

Located in Matar Qadeem, Jakarta Supermarket stocks up on ingredients such as Asam Kandis, Bengkuang fruit, black glutinous rice, black jelly, dog fruit, coconut leaf, Kencur, Melinjo, palm fruit, tuberose flower, and pandan leaf among many others.

Kabayan Supermarket

Kabayan Supermarket is one of the most popular stores for any OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) in Qatar. You can find an assortment of products ranging from fruits to vegetables, canned goods, frozen items, condiments, and a variety of grocery items.

There is also another Kabayan Supermarket (with Department Store) along Ras Abu Abboud Street.

  • Contact: 4431 7866
  • Location: Al Tarbiya St in front of City Souq

Korean Food Centre

Image credit:

Another small shop specializing in Korean food products, you'll find Kimchi, Topokki sauce, Korean BBQ sauces, Ramyun, Crispy seaweed, Soybean paste, Gochujang, Melona and more. Japanese food products such as Kewpie, matcha, and pickled ginger (gari) are also available.

KWIQ Supermarket

Image credit: KWIQ Supermarket/Facebook

KWIQ Supermarket retails not only Indonesian food items and groceries but also items from other Southeast Asian countries. Durian lovers in the south of Qatar will be delighted to hear that you can buy Musang King and Sultan Durians at KWIQ. You can also find tempe, Sosro products, Royco products, Sasa products, Indofood products, gula merah, and more.

You can also shop online via their website.

Qatindo-Qatar Indonesia Supermarket

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If you're cooking Indonesian and Malaysian dishes, Qatindo (Qatar-Indonesia) Supermarket is one of the shops that you can go to. You'll find ingredients such as candlenut, banana leaf, jackfruit, galangal, turmeric leaf, lemongrass, mangosteen, snake fruit, kecap manis, and more. They currently also take orders via WhatsApp and do home delivery across Qatar.

The Philippine Store

You'll find a variety of Pinoy food and grocery items at The Philippine Store in Al Sadd. Fruits such as mangosteen, carabao mango, saba, calamansi, santol and other fruits depending on the season arrive by air cargo regularly. They also carry dried taro leaves, ube powder, dried bilimbi, dried fruits, They're also open 24 hours.

Vision Mart

Image credit:

You'll find a selection of Korean and Japanese food items at Vision Mart including chilled products, confectionery, snacks, beverages, cooking ingredients, dry products, frozen items, ready-to-eat items, and even Kimbap. BTS Army will be delighted to hear that Vision Mart carries BTS posters, postcards, magazines, and even BTS cold brew coffee.

Yellow River Supermarket

Image credit: Chinese Food Center/Google Maps

A small shop located in Al Aziziya, Yellow River Supermarket stocks up on Chinese ingredients and food items including dumplings, steamed buns, Lee Kum Kee products, and Haday products. Can't find what you're looking for in the big supermarkets? Head to Yellow River Supermarket for Chinese ingredients.

Have you been to any of these establishments? How was your experience? Do you know of more East and Southeast Asian food stores and grocery shops in Qatar? Let us know in the comments!

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