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Posted On: 28 December 2022 09:20 am
Updated On: 28 December 2022 09:23 am

Places to donate books in Qatar

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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Love reading books? Guilty of endlessly collecting them? Looking to pass them on but don't know how, where or to whom? We are here to help you!

The (ILQ) team brings you a list of places to donate books in Qatar.

Book Fairies Qatar

Places to donate books in Qatar
Image Credit: Book Fairies

Book Fairies Qatar runs an exciting activity of hiding books around different locations in Doha, which is left for people to find, read and then leave for the next person.

They accept book donations; however, getting in touch with them is recommended to coordinate and organize the delivery & collection process.

Facebook Groups

Places to donate books in Qatar
Image Credit: Shutterstock

There are numerous groups on Facebook that are dedicated to accepting and coordinating the donation of books.

Below are a few Facebook groups that you could check out:

  • Free Give Away Books in Qatar
  • TLG Qatar
  • The Book Club Brigade
  • Qatar Book Club
  • Doha Books Sell, Swap or Buy

Qatar National Library

Places to donate books in Qatar
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Qatar National Library is accepting book donations; however, they would require an email before the donation.

The email sent to Qatar National Library will need to mention all the details of the books being donated, such as the number of books, names of books, author names, etc.

Qatar University - Library

Places to donate books in Qatar
Image Credit: Qatar University

The Qatar University Library is open to accepting book donations; however, it would only accept them based on the stipulated Library Collection Development Policy.

If you would like to make a donation to the QU Library, it is recommended that you send them an email disclosing all the details of the books you would like to donate (e.g. name, author, genre, number of books, etc.).

Qatar Vet Center

Places to donate books in Qatar
Image Credit: Qatar Vet Center

Qatar Vet Center offers a little corner of their vet centre as 'Library in the Loo', which allows visitors to pick up books of their choice in exchange for a small monetary donation that will be used to help the animals rescued.

They accept book donations in good condition to help expand this collection. All you have to do is walk in and drop off your books.

Note: They only accept novels and not any form of educational textbooks.

  • Location & contact:
    • Al Aziziyah: +974 4016 1366
    • Duhail: +974 4498 9620
  • Instagram: @qatar_vet_center

Do you have books you would like to donate? Have you been looking for places to donate books? Do let us know in the comments below! Do share the article - it keeps us going!