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Posted On: 16 January 2023 05:00 pm
Updated On: 16 January 2023 05:48 pm

Catering service providers in Qatar

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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Catering service providers qatar

Planning for a wedding or just hosting a gathering? Surely, a feast for your guests would be on your mind!

A variety of custom-made meals, table setups, servers & so much more is offered by the numerous catering service providers in Qatar.

The (ILQ) team is here with a list (in order of price) of catering service providers in Qatar.


Catering service providers in Qatar
Image Credit: Batteel

Batteel offers catering services for breakfast, lunch & dinner to suit your preferred event requirements.

The breakfast menu options include varieties of freshly baked goodies like croissants, and muffins, along with hot dishes like baked beans, pancakes and much more.

The lunch and dinner menus by Battel include dishes like grilled fish fillet with lemon butter sauce, beef stroganoff, chicken biryani and more, along with hot/cold mezzes, desserts & other items.

  • Cuisine: Arabic/International
  • Price: (Prices include tables, chairs, waitresses & flower arrangements)
    • Breakfast - Starting at QR 120 per person
    • Lunch & Dinner - Starting at QR 165 per person
  • Contact: +974 5586 1466
  • Instagram: @batteelbakery

Huda Catering Qatar

Catering service providers in Qatar
Image Credit: Huda Catering

Huda Catering offers end-to-end catering services to ensure all arrangements are taken care of.

They offer three set menus with a range of mains such as beef steak with potato wedges to chicken biryani, and so much more!

A day ahead of your event, Huda Catering will have your venue set up in place, deliver fresh food on the day of the event, and collect all set-up items on the day after the event.

Note: Minimum order for 25 people required - subject to change based on requirements and negotiation.

  • Cuisine: Levantine/Qatari/International
  • Price: Starting at QR 125 per person - inclusive of full table set up, decoration, cutlery & crockery (minimum order of 25 people) | Prices may vary for less than 25 people
  • Contact: +974 5519 1003
  • Instagram: @hudacatering

Panaché Catering

Catering service providers in Qatar
Image Credit: Panaché Catering

Panaché Catering offers six different catering menus to pick from, ensuring there is something to suit everyone's meal preferences and budget needs.

The main courses include dishes like butter chicken, fish fillet with harra sauce, roasted lamb & much more.

Their services include a free setup, cutlery & crockery.

  • Cuisine: International
  • Price: Starting at QR 150 per person
  • Contact: +974 5582 2801 | +974 3089 1761
  • Instagram: @panache.qatar

Signature Catering

Catering service providers in Qatar
Image Credit: Signature Catering

Signature Catering offers two kinds of packages; Gold & Silver. What sets these two packages apart essentially is the decoration and set-up.

However, both setups include food, tables, chairs, cutlery/crockery & flower arrangements. If you prefer to order food without tables and chairs, that is also an option.

Note: Waitresses will be provided within the Gold package free of charge.

  • Cuisine: Arabic/International
  • Price:
    • Silver (without tables & chairs): QR 160 per person
    • Silver (with tables & chairs): QR 180 per person
    • Gold (without tables & chairs): QR 230 per person
    • Gold (with tables & chairs): QR 250 per person
  • Contact: +974 5084 4455
  • Instagram: @signaturecatering_qa

Baab Al Rayyan Kitchen

Catering service providers in Qatar
Image Credit: Baab Al Rayyan Kitchen

Baab Al Rayyan Kitchen offers three extensive buffet menus that will leave you spoilt for choice.

Their Standard menu comes with seven main courses, the Premium menu with nine main courses and the Gold menu with ten main courses.

All of the menu options come with seven dessert options along with other items such as salads, appetizers, water, soft drinks & more.

Note: Minimum order for 20 people required - subject to change based on requirements and negotiation.

  • Cuisine: Arabic/International
  • Price:
    • Standard - QR 175 per person
    • Premium - QR 215 per person
    • Gold - QR 235 per person
  • Contact: +974 4479 5581 | +974 3384 0659
  • Instagram: @baabalrayyankitchen

Sea Soul Catering

Catering service providers in Qatar
Image Credit: Sea Soul Catering

If you are looking to offer your guests an Italian feast, Sea Soul Catering has you sorted. Their menu includes dishes like Burrata Salad, Mushroom Risotto, Chicken Scallopine & more!

  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Price: Starting QR 300 per person - inclusive of food, setup, cutlery & crockery (minimum order for 10 people)
  • Contact: +974 3999 1700
  • Instagram: @seasoulqa


Catering service providers in Qatar
Image Credit: Lazurd

The catering services offered by Lazurd come either in the form of a coffee cart with servings of freshly brewed coffee along with mini sweets.

The price paid for the coffee cart includes the provisioning of a barista and server. The other option from Lazurd is a canaopé/snack table set-up. The set-up includes various types of canopés, savoury sandwiches, mini sweets & more.

  • Cuisine: Coffee/Bites
  • Price:
    • Coffee Cart: Starting at QR 1, 950
    • Reception table: Subject to order
  • Contact: +974 5517 3851
  • Instagram: @lazurdqa


Have you been looking for a place to arrange catering from? Which of these places will you be choosing? Let us know in the comments section. And don't forget to like and share this article- it keeps us going!