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Posted On: 27 April 2020 07:14 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:18 am

What are considered as threats and how to report them in Qatar

Khadiza Begum
Khadiza Begum
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Threats of violence are illegal, and each individual country has certain laws relating to these crimes. Threats can have serious mental impacts that include anxiety, fear, headaches, and other issues; therefore, it is always important to take a threat seriously. If you’ve been the victim of threatening behavior, you can take legal actions against the person. Scroll all the way down to learn what is considered as a threat and how to report in Qatar.

What is considered a threat?

A wide range of actions can be considered a threat. Extortion, blackmail, threatening to bodily injury or kill, or damage property are some examples of serious offenses involving threats. A threat can also be conditional. Generally speaking, the threat is behavior that causes you distress or alarm.

A threat can be done many ways, it doesn't necessarily have to be verbal or face to face, it can occur in the form of a letter, phone call, or even using technology or even through non-verbal body languages such as gestures or movements. With the age of technology and the spread of modern communication mechanisms, threatening through email, text messages, and social media posts has become a common issue nowadays. Any kind of threat is illegal, especially if it involves physical harm.

What is threatening under the Qatar Act?

Generally speaking, the threat is behavior that causes you distress or alarm. Qatar's law (325 Article) identifies "Threating" in the following way:

"Whoever threatens to hurt someone or to damage their wealth or reputation, or to hurt someone and distort the reputation or wealth of someone in whom they have a vested interest, whether the threat is orally or in writing or through acts intended to hurt someone or distort the reputation and wealth by coercing the victim to commit or omit an act shall be liable to imprisonment and fine."

What's the punishment

A court can impose several possible penalties on someone who was convicted of making threats. According to Qatar law, the person shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years in prison and a fine not exceeding ten thousand Qatari Riyals (10.000QR), or one of these two penalties. The perpetrator shall be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years if the threats involve death threats.

How to report

When you’re dealing with a threat, the most important thing to keep in mind is to stay calm and do not threaten back. To report any threats you may visit the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) located at Duhail. Once you file a complaint, the concerned authority will start an investigation, and if they have enough evidence they will start a criminal case that would involve interviews of the witnesses & collecting evidence related to the crime, and finally, the court will put a decision.

Moreover, you can report cyber threats through Metrash2 app and for any inquiry, you may contact the Cyber Crime Investigation Centre at 2347333 or via [email protected]