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Posted On: 27 January 2021 10:15 am
Updated On: 15 August 2021 06:29 pm

6 things to check out at Alif Stores - Doha's biggest bookstore!

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Alif Stores is currently the talk of the town and for good reasons. This newest store offers its customers not just rows and rows of reading material but also a variety of products you can expect from a bookstore, and more. We recently checked it out to show you what you can expect from the two-storey bookshop near Qatar Sports Club. Scroll away!

1. One-stop shop for books, office supplies, stationery, multimedia and more

Alif Stores Qatar
Look for things to shop in the different sections of Alif Stores

They offer a wide selection of Arabic and English books for children to adults, in different genres. You can find the books on the first floor which you can reach using the escalator, elevator, or the stairs filled with books. Don't forget to take a #bookshelfie at this spot!

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Alif Stores book stairs
The stairs have a shelf filled with books! Don't forget to take a #bookshelfie at this spot!

The ground floor is organized into clearly marked sections where you can shop for office supplies, stationery, multimedia equipment, lifestyle products, computers & accessories, and arts & crafts. Alif also carries eco-friendly products.

2. Reading areas

Alif Stores reading and sitting areas
Find a nook and browse through your chosen book

Do you love being around books or maybe want to take more time choosing which book you want to buy? There are seats all around the ground floor and first floor for you to sit on in case you want to take a break or to read. There’s also a sizeable section near the stairs for kids to read some books.

3. In-house cafe

Alif Stores in-house cafe
Bask in the sunlight at the in-house cafe

Right beside the English books section, you’ll find their in-house cafe which is surrounded by windows and a glass ceiling that offers a nice view of the city. Enjoy coffee and pastries from Eden while reading a book or basking in the sunlight.

4. Children’s activity areas

Alif stores children reading and activity area
Kids can read, play or hang out at this dedicated area.

There’s also a sizeable children’s reading and creativity section where kids can read, hang out, or learn new things. Does your child love science? Nutty Scientists have their own room where kids get to have their own fun being scientists for a day.

5. Games and educational toys

Alif Stores interior
Educational toys, collectibles, and novelties are scattered around the store

There are toys, gadgets, and games for children and to kids-at-heart. Interested in 3D drawing? 3D Simo Basic and Multipro are available. There are also educational toys such as the Toyi Kit, Play-doh, and puzzles as well as a selection of collectibles and novelties.

6. Graffiti wall

Alif Stores graffiti wall
You'll find these colorful walls on the ground floor of Alif!

Last but not least, don't forget to take selfies in front of the graffiti walls inside the store painted by @bahou.letters! It sure is a cool touch and something that you won't usually see inside a bookstore.

BONUS: Look up and you'll find lighted up Arabic calligraphy on the ceiling!

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Alif Stores Details:

ALIF Stores Bookstore Qatar

Have you been to Alif Stores? Which is your favorite bookstore in Qatar? Let us know in the comments!