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Posted On: 29 April 2020 12:52 pm
Updated On: 11 April 2023 09:49 am

Guide to paying Zakat in Qatar

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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Paying zakat qatar guide

The word Zakat is a commonly and popularly used term in Qatar and Muslim communities as it refers to a fundamental obligation upon every Muslim and is, in fact, the third pillar of Islam.

Zakat is the charitable act of providing part of an individual's earnings to the poor that every Muslim must engage in. It represents the social responsibility endowed upon every Muslim and sets people free from emotions like greed and selfishness.

The (ILQ) team is here to give you more insight into the details associated with Zakat and the various ways you can pay in Qatar.

Types of Zakat

How to calculate Zakat and where to donate in Qatar
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The types of Zakat that must be offered and are often confused are 'Zakat Al Mal' (Zakat) and 'Zakat Al Fitr' (Fitrana).

'Zakat Al Mal' (Zakat) refers to the charitable amount that must be paid based on the type and amount of wealth an individual owns. It is to be paid once a year and when one lunar year is complete, thus, completing a year of wealth ownership. Zakat Al Mal applies to wealth in the form of cash, gold & silver, stocks, merchandise that is helpful for reselling, shares or even livestock.

'Zakat Al Fitr' is an obligatory charity of food that must be offered during the month of Ramadan. Zakat Al Fitr is to be paid before the end of Ramadan, specifically before the Eid Al Fitr prayer. This charity is an obligation upon those who have sufficient to support themselves and their dependents and is most commonly offered in the form of rice.

In what conditions is 'Zakat Al Mal' mandatory

How to calculate Zakat and where to donate in Qatar
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While 'Zakat Al Mal' is an important duty for a Muslim, it only becomes mandatory in specific circumstances.

Following are the conditions within which 'Zakat Al Mal' is mandatory:

  • The Zakat payer has to be a Muslim.
  • The fulfilment of Nisab amount - Nisab refers to the minimum amount of wealth that an individual must have before they are eligible to pay Zakat, and it is calculated based on what is left after one has met their basic expenses and one year is complete.
  • The fulfilment of wealth/ assets growth.
  • The fulfilment of all basic expenses.
  • A Lunar year (Hawl) passes.

What is the Nisab amount, and how is Zakat calculated

How to calculate Zakat and where to donate in Qatar
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The minimum amount of Nisab has been Islamically prescribed as 3 ounces of gold or 21 ounces of silver; however, since modern-day transactions are all in cash, this amount can be as cash value based on the current gold or silver rate.

To make calculating your Zakat easy, this online calculator by Qatar Charity can be used.

Zakat on money

If Zakat is to be paid for wealth in the form of money that is in hand or at the bank, and the owned amount meets the defined Nisab, then the payable charity is 2.5% of the wealth owned.

  • Nisab amount for 2023 - QR 20,071.05

Zakat on gold

  • Nisab amount for 2023 - 85 Grams of 24 Carat/Calibre and over

Zakat on livestock

Zakat on livestock can be paid in the form of other animals or livestock that is required based on the Nisab and the amount due. For example: If you own 5-9 camels, a sheep or goat in its second year will need to be offered.

Find a detailed list of the Nisab and zakat amount here - zakat details.

Nisab amount:

  • Camels - 5 or more
  • Cow - 30 or more
  • Sheep - 40 and more

Zakat on stocks

  • The Nisab amount on stocks is subjective to the purpose of the stocks purchased. If the shares were purchased with an intention of reselling and capital gain, then the amount will be calculated based on the current market value of the share.
  • If the shares were bought to receive dividends from the shares, then the Nisab amount applicable on money will be applicable to the dividend cash.

How to pay Zakat in Qatar

How to calculate Zakat and where to donate in Qatar
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Zakat can be paid at any of the many trusted charity bodies in Qatar that support various causes in Qatar and globally.

Charity organizations like Qatar Charity & Qatar Red Crescent Society even have a dedicated Zakat payment service on their website which enables easy calculation and payment.

You could also pay your Zakat via a Qatar government-run e-service on the Hukoomi website: Zakat Fund E-service

Sources: Qatar Charity / / Islamic relief


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