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Posted On: 17 June 2020 11:05 pm
Updated On: 2 December 2020 06:24 pm

Frequently asked questions on registering National Address in Qatar

Khadiza Begum
Khadiza Begum
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The National Address Law came into effect on January 27, 2020, and all residents, institutions, and companies should register their national address data before the six-month period that ends on July 26, 2020. We have compiled here a list frequently asked questions and answers on registering National Address in Qatar. Scroll all the way down to learn more!

How to register

Q1: What are the data required to register the National Address?

  • Residence Address
  • Mobile and Fixed Line Numbers
  • Email Address
  • Work Address
  • Permanent Address Abroad
  • Any other information specified by the relevant authority.

Q2: How to register the National Address?

The registration can be done electronically through the following:

Q3: My SIM isn’t under my name. What can I do now?

If your SIM card isn't on your name, you can apply for a new SIM or transfer the existing into your name. However, remember in case of a new SIM, it will take 10 days to register the data on Metrash 2. Alternatively, you can visit Ministry of Interior service center.

Q4: How to register for families including children's national address who is under 18 years?

The guardian of children has to register their data following the same steps. A father can register on behalf of the children (if he is the sponsor), however, a husband cant' register for his wife, she has to do using her own Metrash2 or visiting the nearby service center.

bears the legal responsibility for the validity of this information.

Q5: If I provide any wrong information by mistake, is it possible to amend it?

Yes, you can edit the provided information on Metrash2.

Q6: My QID is expired, can I register national address?

No, you can't register with an expired QID. You need to renew your QID first to avail of this service.

Q7: How about people who are stuck outside Qatar due to COVID-19 restrictions?

The relaxation applies to residents and citizens who are unable to come to Qatar due to Covid-19 restrictions. Such persons will be allowed to complete the registration process without facing penalties if they present certificates that prove their presence abroad. Read more HERE!

Q8: I am here in Qatar on a family visa/ tourist visa, do I need to register the national address?

No, this is only for citizens, prepayment residence permit holders, and QID holders.

MOI service centers

(Photo credit: Ministry of Interior)

Where are the MOI service centers located?

According to the list on Metrash2, here are locations where you can find the MOI Service Centres:

    Q9: How can I find the nearest MOI service center to register my national address?

    You can view online the Ministry of Interior (MOI) service centers that are close to your location. Here are the instructions:

    • Open the Metrah2 app on your smartphone.
    • Click on "Important Locations".
    • Inquire your own personal and detailed information from the "Personal Information" page.
    • Select the "Service Centers" service.

    Procedures for companies

    (Photo credit: Ministry of Interior)

    Q10: Any additional information for the companies in terms of registering the national address?

    For companies with more than 300 workers, the PRO has to approach the MoI Service Centre with an official letter addressed to the head of the Service Centre and take an appointment to get the National Address registered. If a company has less than 300 workers, then the workers have to go to the Service Centre in batches of 20-30 people every day.


    Q11: What if I fail to register within the period of time?

    If you fail to register before the last date, you will be subject to legal actions, including a fine of QR10,000 maximum.


    Q12: Which number should I contact for help if I have more questions on national address registration?

    The Ministry of Interior (MOI) has set up the hotline 234 2000 to assist people who are having difficulty registering their National Address online. Anyone facing any kind of technical problems can call the hotline to get assistance and support to facilitate their registration of the National Address.

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