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Al Wajbah Fort

Location: Al Rayyan, Emir's Palace
Working hours: 8am - 1pm

Wajbah means 'meal' in Arabic, so it's quite an unusual name for a fort. It has very thick walls and is thought to be one of the oldest in the country. This is a fort to be proud of because it's where the Qatari's defeated the Ottoman forces in 1893. The fort has two large towers and there's a display of weaponry and details of the fort's history. As usual, entry is free! Now go to this great icon!

Al Zubara Fort

Location: Al Zubara Fort, Ash Shamal, Qatar
Working hours: 8am - 1pm | 4pm - 7pm

It's quite far, actually, it's over 100km from Doha, but it's definately one of Qatar's famous ones. It's quite new. It was built in 1938 as a symbol by Sheikh Abdullah Al Thani and was built intentionally next to an older fort. It was originally a cost guard station and was used up to the 1980's. You'll notice that this fort has something odd about it, one of the towers is rectangular rather than round like the rest; it's actually the opposite of how old towers used to be. Be sure to visit Al Zubara, but go in a 4WD since the path isn't ideal for a standard car.

Doha Fort

Location: Al Jasra
Working hours: 7am - 12pm | 4pm - 9pm

A Military fort turned museum. This was once used as a guard and police post for the nearby Souq Wagif. Go there for a visit and find exhibitions of paintings, handicrafts, weavings, gypsum, carvings, and wodden door pieces. Entrance to this is free of charge.

Umm Salal Mohammed Fort

Location: Umm Salal Mohammed
Working hours: 8am -1pm | 4pm - 7pm

The fort is located around 20km north of Doha and was built in the late 19th century. The fort is unique in design and in structure due to it's artistic walls. The fort is next to Barzan Tower, which is the western tower of two that were built as watchtowers. Don't confuse this Barzan Tower with the one in Doha Westbay. The one in the Westbay is a modern skyscraper built as a homage to the original. Entrance here is free of charge, but since it's essential a 'ruin' please make sure to take care of the place and respect the historical area.

Wind Tower House

Location: Grand Hamad Street

Can you guess what this is? Yep as the name says, it's a Wind Tower. The design is iconic and you'll see that it has inspired alot of architecture in modern buildings. It's on Grand Hamad street which is famous for being a banking district but also for the Souq Wagif which is constantly expanding. Believe it or not, it's found enclosed within Najada Shopping Plaza (which might be demolished soon). These structures are amazing because of their natural cooling methods. Since electricity wasn't available in the days of yore, these towers funneled wind through the tower and circulated it through the house.