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  • Qatar has the largest Sports Dome in the world! It is also the most technologically advanced. (It can be found at Aspire Academy in Doha)
  • Qatar is the first country in the Gulf to fine Pedestrians for not walking correctly on the pavement. Those who put their lives at risk are fined QR200.
  • Qatar has the world's largest Gas Reserves. It is the main reason why Qatar is developing into such a modern nation.
  • Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world! It's true, it's safer than Japan for example.
  • Qatar is the first country in the Middle East region to support Digital Television! Yes you can watch DVB-H signals on your mobile phone.


  • Many women in the Gulf, say they prefer Qatari men. They are considered to be gentle, romantic, well dressed, and completely giving.
  • Qatari people are extremely friendly! It's not uncommon to end up chatting for ages to a person you've just met.


  • Qatar's goal is to be the central transit point for Asia.
  • Doha is the capital of Qatar, but did you know that New Doha is being constructed?


  • Qatari men's head-dress (Ghitra) is usually white and have two black tassles. (These are nicknamed tea-bags). The way that the Qatari style of wearing the Ghitra is also known as 'The Cobra'.
  • Did you know that Qatar, Bahrain, and Dubai used to have very similar flags? And they were all red?
  • Qatar's flag used to be red! The story goes that a manufacturer was supposed to create a batch of flags. However an experimental red dye was used. When the flags were all put up, they turned a Maroon colour. The country decided to adopt it. This shade of Maroon is now known as Qatar Red.
  • Each Ghitra has it's own special meaning. A white one means pure, a red and white one means patriot, and a black and white one means freedom. There are other colours that you can now find in many shops around the world, they are often used as scarves. Other colours have no representation. (Some shops call these Desert Scarves)


  • Qatar used to share it's currency with Dubai. Yes, it was called the Qatar and Dubai Riyal.

     False Myths

  • It is NOT true that you must cover your body up in Qatar. You can wear a bikini at the pool or beach, you can wear short shorts, and you are free to show of your fashion. (You just can't be naked!)
  • Some have asked me "Is it true that you can't eat for 30 days during Ramadan?". NO! It's NOT true! For 30 days a Muslim does not eat from Dusk until Dawn. That's it! (Fasting includes no food, no badwords, no sex, no lies, and basically nothing bad!)