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Posted On: 9 November 2010 12:47 pm
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:25 am

Winter motor sport in Qatar -

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Event Details:

Thought Id share a little list of what motor sport I've found up and coming in Qatar over the winter months, If anybody finds other events please let me know(tu)

11th 12th & 13th Endurance World Championship (Endurance Bike racing) at Lusail

15th November Drag exibition Qatar race club evening at Qatar race club.

18th 19th 20th November Oryx Hyrdo plane cup Corniche (See other thread)

2nd 3rd Drag racing Qatar race club

9th 10th Drag racing Qatar race club

16th 17th Drag racing Qatar race club

And the next is not Qatar (Hope thats ok), but it is the middle east and I really really REALLY hope it spreads here.

UAE Drift Exhibition Match 2010

UAE Drift in association with JDM Allstars Professional drifting are launching the first professional drift event in the Middle East on December 2nd to 3rd.
16 of JDM Allstars top drivers from Europe have been handpicked and selected for this end of season exhibition match. Currently the first lot of cars are being shipped to Dubai, the heart of the UAE and Middle East where a very special event will be created.Live Music, DJ’s, exhibitor area, gaming area and car show will help form the live event. Running under darkness this event with Dubai city in the backdrop this will be one of the more spectacular motorsport events to hit the UAE/Middle East this year.
Dubai Festival City –Venue Partners of the UAE Drift program will be hosting this very special exhibition match that will be run on evening of the 2-3rd of December. With JDM Allstars experience in building street and urban events, the very best knowledge is being brought to the table to create a motorsport festival environment.