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Posted On: 1 May 2023 10:37 am
Updated On: 3 May 2023 03:47 pm

Wings For Life World Run Qatar 2023

ILQ Staff
ILQ Staff
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Wings for life world run qatar doha 2023

Event Details:

Location: Porto Arabia, The Pearl Island
Date: 7 May 2023 - 7 May 2023
Time: 02:00 pm - 03:30 pm
Ticket Purchase: Online
  • Registration required - 84QR
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The Wings for Life World Run is a truly unique and global race for both runners and wheelchair participants. Instead of a finish line, competitors race side by side to keep ahead of the Virtual Catcher Car. Now in its ninth year, on 7 May 2023, Wings for Life World Run participants in Qatar can also run together in Doha. Meet up with your friends, download the Wings for Life World Run App and join all the other people running until the Virtual Catcher Car catches you, of course.

The race starts at exactly 2023-05-07 2 pm.The Virtual Catcher Car takes off 30 minutes after the start at 14 km/h and steadily increases its speed until the last athletes have been caught. 100% of all donations and entry fees go directly into spinal cord research projects.


The organized app run will take place in The Pearl, with a starting point at the Tower 30 Marina in front of Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria. The run will be a 2KM loop across the Porto Arabia Marina.

Wheelchair Participants

On 7 May 2023, wheelchair participants and runners start side by side at this track. The only requirement: wheelchair participants have to start in everyday wheelchairs.

Refreshment station & local set up

Yes, this track has a refreshment station! You will find the following on site: There will be energy stations situated around the loop providing Red Bull, Red Bull Sugarfree, Water & a selection of fruits.

Timing & race number

You will receive your personal race number via email and it’s also available next to your starting number on the website a couple of days before the race. The Wings for Life World Run App is your time tracking tool. The Virtual Catcher Car takes off 30 minutes after the start and as soon as it overtakes you, you will get clear signals via the App. Please make sure to have a fully charged phone on race day.

Your contribution to help find a cure

In order to join this App Run Event, please download the Wings for Life World Run App for Android or iPhone and sign up for race day in the App. To be part of the Wings for Life World Run on 7 May 2023 a registration fee will be charged; 100% of your fee go to spinal cord research. After you completed your registration for race day, you can join this App Run Event.

Source: Red Bull Qatar

End time mentioned is approximate.

Source: Wings For Life