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Posted On: 1 August 2019 07:00 am
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:38 am

World Cleanup Day: Al Mafjar beach cleanup

Binu Cherian
Binu Cherian
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Event Details:

Location: Meeting point- Dairy Queen, Radisson Blu
Date: 20 September 2019 - 20 September 2019
Time: 03:30 pm - 09:00 pm
Ticket Purchase: No tickets needed
  • General entry - It's free!
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Hello everyone! DEAP in coordination with the Division of Cultural Heritage at Qatar Museums, and the Torba Farmers Market invite you to celebrate world cleanup day in one of Qatar’s most beautiful beaches. We’re going to Al Mafjar in northern Qatar.This is a family friendly event, but keep in mind there's no facilities/services in the area.

AGENDA FOR THE DAY: -12:30pm Meeting time at the Dairy Queen by the Radisson Blue Hotel in Salwa Road. IF YOU ARE CARPOOLING MEET US HERE. WE NEED MANY VOLUNTEERS WITH CARS FOR CARPOOLING. -1:00pm Departure to the cleanup location: WE WILL REGROUP IN THIS POINT TO HELP PEOPLE GET TO THE FINAL DESTINATION IN A SINGLE LINE CONVOY. MEET US HERE IF YOU DONT WANT TO GET STUCK IN SAND: GO TO THIS LOCATION IF YOU’RE NOT CARPOOLING AND YOU HAVE 4x4 and know the area. This is where the actual cleanup will be taking place:

4x4 is not needed but it’s recommended, sedans can reach, but SUV’s are preferred. Mafjar is hard to reach but worth the hassle. If you decide to drive on your own be advised that if you take the wrong road and you don’t have 4x4 YOU WILL GET STUCK in sand, believe us. If you don’t know the road, come with the group in convoy.

-3:00 pm arrival to the cleanup location. -3:00-5:00pm cleanup activities. -5:00-6:00pm social time, share some food, enjoy a clean beach. -6:00pm end of the event and departure to Doha whenever people are ready.

Pease don't be late as we will be departing on time.

WHAT TO BRING WITH YOU: -WE NEED A LOT OF VOLUNTEERS WITH CARS (preferably SUV's) so they can help us with our carpool efforts. -Lots of water as it is very, very hot. - Water/ Food to share. Reusable water bottles, mugs, food containers, and cutlery are encouraged. Let’s lead by example! - Your ID / RP - Hat, towel, appropriate swimming clothes, change of clothes, sunscreen. PLEASE DRESS PROPERLY. Don’t forget to be culturally sensitive. Girls, shoulders covered. Guys, keep your shirts on. - Work or garden gloves -Bring your kayaks if you have any as we will be crossing to the island that's in front of the site, otherwise be ready to swim/walk in water depending on the tide. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO GET WET that's ok too, there will be plenty of cleaning happening on the beach side. - Your beautiful smiles:)

***Every person attending the event is responsible for their wellbeing and safety. DEAP or any of its volunteers is not responsible for anybody's actions and their consequences. All responsibility relies on each individual participating on the cleanup.

Please follow our instagram and Facebook pages for event updates.