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11 February 2016 09:50 am

Shakti Circles: Miraculous Relationships

Vegetarian Treehouse
Vegetarian Treehouse
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Event Details:


The 2nd edition of the Shakti Circles will take place on Saturday 20th February from 4 - 7pm. Wala'a (Color Recipe) and I (Vegetarian Treehouse) will be showing you how color and food are effecting your relationships. Exploring how they effect your overall vibration to attract love, miraculous relationships with yourself and others, including attracting your soulmate. 

This workshop will include: 
- Meditation
- Color exercises 
- Energy clearing 
- Food for love 
- Plant-based dinner made by The Vegetarian Treehouse

Please email to book your seats. There are only have 12 seats for this one, so book early to guarantee your spot!

**Location will be sent once booking is confirmed.



The Color Recipe

Walaa is a certified color therapist, a yoga teacher and the founder of The Color Recipe.  She's on a mission to inspire millions of women to live colorfully abundant. Kick darkness to the curb and open theirselves up to shine with their true colors.

Her own journey with color started when she was on the floor in Tokyo, thinking her life was no longer worth living. She felt she had nothing. Then a voice inside her said, Park all your worries and you will see magic, from that point forward she found the magic of color and a life that lets her express her truth fearlessly. Walaa hosts color workshops, color meditation classes and is working towards inspiring growth through color. 

The Vegetarian Treehouse

My discovery into plant based food started four years ago after I got quite ill and realised I was suffering from liver damage which was caused by prescription medication. That's when I decided to take my health into my own hands and embarked on this beautiful journey of health and wellness. I managed to get my liver back in good shape after a year of intense cleansing, and eating plant based foods.

I now have my own home-based catering business, providing vegetarian and vegan foods to the residents of Doha. I also have my own product line of healthy treats and run regular cooking workshops. My aim is to cultivate awareness around eating nourishing plant based foods, and help empower people by giving them the tools to do so.