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Posted On: 8 December 2010 11:25 am
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:26 am

The Winner of ILQ competition Win TWO TICKETS to The League of Extraordinary comedians @ AL SHARQ VILLAGE

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Thank you so much for your entry everyone!

ILQ staff read all of the jokes you guys sent us and this joke from Patrese Essel got the most votes...! Congratulations Patrese! We will see you on the 8th :)
there is a man who has a oil lamp and inside is a genie that will come out if you rub in and give him just one wish!... Yeah I know you thought three, but this genie is tight and way to busy to be handing out three wishes at a time!? So anyway the man rubs the lamp and out comes the genie! "Hey what's up?" says the genie, "Make it quick lets get this over with?" Politely the man says "Ok it's so simple, but its so hard for me to get to work everyday! I have to walk very far to the river then take a boat and then walk some more from the river to my work place... It's so tiring! So, can I just ask that you build a bridge from my home to my work place so that I can drive to work?"... "Oh" says the genie, "That's way too hard and time consuming? I'll have to put up columns , set foundations and all sorts... Can't you pick something else?" So the mans says... Ok sorry, that is a lot to ask... Ok I have it! Please can you then help me understand my wife as she cries when she is happy and screams at me for the smallest things? Please can you help?" So the genie turns to the man and says "Ok, ok... Let's build this bridge!"