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Posted On: 8 April 2012 03:47 pm
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:27 am

TED is coming to Doha!

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Event Details:

TED is coming to Doha on April 16. We invite you to attend TEDxSummit Opening Night, a two-hour TED event featuring speakers and performers from the region and beyond.

About TEDx and the TEDxSummit

In mid-2009 the idea-sharing platform pioneered by TED evolved into TEDx, a movement encouraging communities, organisations and individuals around the world to gather local communities and organize their own events, inspired by the TED format and methods, to further "Ideas Worth Spreading".

Nearly 3500 TEDx events have taken place in three years, in 1000 cities, in over 125 countries.

By increasing accessibility and encouraging TEDxers to foster TED-like experiences, the idea-sharing has been expanded at a local level, often in local language. TEDx events weave together screenings of TEDTalks and live presentations to stimulate conversations that matter while striving to elevate and expose local ideas, perspectives and insights.

Each event is unique and is planned and curated independently, on a community-by-community basis, allowing more regional voices and perspectives to be heard; fostering greater collaboration in fields of science, technology, arts and culture, design and entertainment. Pivotal to the platforms’ success is creating open and accessible programming that avoids any commercial, religious or political agenda.

While the content and programming of each TEDx event is independent, all events have several features in common and adhere to TED’s format; one which explores carefully selected talks, performances and demos that educate and inspire.

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