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Posted On: 23 July 2012 11:28 am
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:27 am

Summer Workshop 2012 for Kids - 2nd & 3rd Cycle


Event Details:

IAID Summer Workshop 2012 for kids a huge success!

Summer Workshop 2012 for kids (1st Cycle) have proven to be a huge success gathering more than 100 students and covering more than 200 courses. IAID, the pioneer in conducting workshops in Qatar for 11 years now offers fun-filled activities that aim to harness the kid’s energy as well as develop their talents and skills in dance, music, arts and fitness. Summer Workshop 2012 for kids started the 1st Cycle early this month and following its success, the 2nd cycle is set to start on 21st July to 2nd August. This will bring out yet another creative streak as the workshop offers variety of courses to choose from.

Commenting on the Summer Workshops’ success, IAID Center Manager – Ms. Marianne Indrinal said
“The workshop is a huge success among children. We are happy to be part of their summer experience through the various Summer Workshop courses that keep them educationally and enjoyably engaged. We are equally grateful to all the parents for giving us their strong support and confidence on this year’s workshop. “

A team of certified and professional instructors led students through a fun-filled exploration of music, movement, creative artworks and character development. Ms. Vicky Ferrer-Mustafa is a highly qualified Training Consultant for renowned universities under Qatar Foundation and has recently elected as the Lt. Governor of the Toastmasters Club International, handled 2 batches of Personality Development Class for the 1st cycle. She said “What a joy for me to conduct a personality development workshop every year for the last 7 years with IAID. It is amazing to see the students transform their personalities from being shy on the first day to a blooming confident speaker. The challenging task for me was to conduct a training-workshop for the children and teens for two weeks. The blessing is to observe the positive results towards the end of the session. I thoroughly enjoyed conducting the sessions and to know all of them benefited from it in a positive way!”

In addition, Ms. Natalie Place Anderson, IAID’s Senior Visual and Studio Arts Instructor from Toledo,Ohio USA, remarked the children’s high energy and enthusiasm in creating artworks using various kinds of medium through Fantastic Self Portrait and Stained Glass Creativity, two of the newest and innovative courses for kids this Summer Workshop.

Open for kids 4 years old and above, the Summer Workshop 2012 is designed to stimulate environment where children can enjoy, explore and learn more effectively from each other through fun activities and exercises. Kaythi Win Aung -14 yrs. old, from Sing Like a Star class commented, “ The course helped me to develop my confidence aside from improving my singing skills. Overall, it’s a fun class!” Being enrolled on Mixercise, Angelina Thomas Purackal – 6 yrs.old said that she enjoyed the different forms of exercise as well as gained new friends along the way. For Nicole Lian De Silva – 8 years old, learning different kind of dance from the Summer Workshop 2012 such as POI Dance, Modern Jazz, Hiphop and Ballroom is truly a great way to express creativity through movements and at the same time be physically and mentally fit. Finally, according to Akshat Sondhi -11 years old and enrolled on Keyboards in Concert, the workshop is enjoyable and it is amazing to be able to learn and play music pieces in just two weeks!

Summer Workshop 2012 2nd cycle will continue to make this summer more memorable and exciting as we present fun and fresh courses such as Hip Hop Training, Poi Dance, Sing Like a Star, Stained Glass Creativity, Mixercise ,Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards and many more!

Admission for the 2nd and 3rd cycle is on going .For more details, the Academy is open for inquiries and registration from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm (Sat to Thu) 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm (Friday) or call us at 44320974/ 66710589.

Contact: Marianne Indrinal
Phone: (974) 6671 0589
P.O. BOX 10525 Doha, Qatar
T-(974) 44320974 F- (974) 44358190