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Posted On: 10 November 2011 04:10 pm
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:26 am

QatarSpeed Motorshow - first motorshow for cars enthusiasts in Qatar

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Event Details:

Hello everyone

My name is Mohammed Alasfar and im a member of QatarSpeed events management.
Just a little introduction; QatarSpeed is a motorsports forum running since 2002, sponsored by Qatar racing club, Alannabi racing, speed marine, Qatar scientific club and more.
We had semi-big meetings and car show events before. but none of them were official.

Now we are glad to invite you all, car enthusiasts and lovers, to join us to our official show.
The show is open to public, men and women. Weather you want to participate with your car, or just enjoy the event, and take photos maybe? :D

1- No Drifting- burnouts- clutch/gas doubling whatsoever. this show is not a drift/race event.
2- Cars owners is kindly asked to cooperate with the event organizers.
3- Participating is only allowed with sports/ coupe/ sport-sedan cars. Stock or modified.

Date and time: 11-11-2011, Friday. 8PM
Place: Qatar racing club (the drift area) , industrial area.

Our sponsors: RedBull - they will offer free redbull for everyone. Qatar Racing Club for the support and providing the place of course.
-Cold drinks and water will be provided
-Chairs and rest rooms are available
-Entering/participating with your car is free

The main thread (in Arabic):
Any questions? Need more info? suggestions? My twitter @QtrSkill - email: [email protected] - BB: 21E8325B

Thank you, looking forward to see you there :)