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Posted On: 23 October 2011 08:24 am
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:26 am

Partying in Doha.. from the pixie perspective...

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sealine beach party  14.10.11

Event Details:

‘Sealine Beach Party’
Friday 14th October 2011 @ Sealine Resort

Sealine Beach Resort had the lush relaxed feel of an old American summer resort movie last Friday when two local DJ’s Sam Barakat and Paul Chacar put on their first Sealine Beach party in coordination with the Resort Management.

Kick off was set at 2pm and facebook reported 135 attendees would be there. We arrived at about 3pm (just missing the buffet unfortunately) and the guys were setting up, playing some delicious sounding deep house while testing the sound system, which gave a nice taste of what was to come. No sign of the 135 and after messaging a few missing friends –‘hung-over’ was the excuse of the day. And what a shame for them.

DJ Samer kicked off with some familiar recent house beats that matched the relaxed atmosphere by the pool and beach and the family and other groups around the resort seemed to sink in and get a little uplifted despite their many hours in the sun. Head nodding and toe tapping subtly spread around the place.
When “Mr Saxobeat” hit the air... suddenly a group of people all came running down the beach toward the stage, coronas waving the air, massive grins all singing along loudly.
The warm sandy dance floor had begun.

The music got livelier as the sun got lower and before long a happy, smiling group of about 20 dancers, numerous lookers-on and a beach volleyball court full of players were completely enveloped by the perfect summer party feel.
The highlights were definitely DJ Samer dropping the beautiful operatic ‘Con ti partiro’ into the mix much to the delight of all within range of the speakers. The impromptu dramatic dancing leaps and knee slides to Andrea Bocelli’s booming voice was awesome!
And a crazy Tiesto vs Diplo + Busta Rhymes track ‘C’mon that got everyone doing some epic deep knee dancing- not an easy feat in the sand!

DJ Paul C took over the decks and led the party into the evening with more perfectly matched house dance tracks. As darkness fell more party-goers appeared on the sand and the volleyball action kept going no doubt energized by DJ Paul C’s pumping and uplifting beats.

The 135 facebookers may not have all arrived but those who did had a blast, and the positive energy spread throughout the resort as we saw parents bringing their children to the dance area to be involved in the fun.
Everyone left energized despite the long day in the heat, with a buzz of where they were going next... a sign of a good party, when the guest want to keep rocking long after its over!

We hope there will be another one soon. And believe me you won’t want to miss that!

sealine beach party 2 14.10.11.JPG