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Posted On: 6 June 2008 12:50 pm
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:25 am

'Isang Musika' (One Music) -

Khalifa Al Haroon
Khalifa Al Haroon
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What: 'Isang Musika' (One Music)

When: 6/6/2008 - 13/6/2008

Where: Hyatt Plaza

The heat is on as Filipino bands gear up for the most anticipated musical event in the community, titled 'Isang Musika' (One Music), which will be staged in the Hyatt Plaza from tonight until June 13. This concert series is part of the Philippines' 110th Independence Day celebrations.

Opening the week-long musical extravaganza tonight is the 'Soul Band'. Composed of Christian brothers, the band performs a diverse mix of musical numbers that appeals not only to Filipinos but to all music buffs.

"Our band plays gospel songs but we also play other types of music for the Filipino community in general," Ariel Guibincan, the band's bassist, said.

Mervic Paden, the drummer and vocalist, said, "One of the unique qualities of Filipino musicians is that they can easily adapt to different music genres. For this reason you find them all over the world."

Playing songs from the 70's to the present, the group is versatile and a force to reckon with. Game of Love, Dancing Queen, Breathless, Shy Guy, Hey, Hawak Kamay, Le Freak, Nosi Balasi, and Better Days are just some of the diverse and interesting pieces in their repertoire, which spans decades of global music.

As part of its goal to establish a stronger presence in the international community in Qatar, the band added two female singers and expanded its song collection to cater to a more varied audience.

Cesar Llaguno, the group's marketing director, said the show is aimed at alleviating the Filipinos' homesickness.

"I'm thankful that this band was formed to entertain Filipinos. Being in another country we need to entertain ourselves for a while to forget our problems and ease our hearts and minds," Cecilio Santos, Soul Band's Manager, said.

The band is composed of Mervic Paden (drums vocals), Cez Orbista and Aileen Mendoza (vocals), Arturo Lumantas (keyboards), Ramil Loresto (rhythm guitar), Marvin Herrera (lead guitar) and Ariel Guibincan (bass guitar).