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Posted On: 22 February 2012 01:46 pm
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:26 am

How Women Work Confrence 2012!

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Event Details:

How Women Work 2012

- To reach hearts and minds, break down barriers and promote understanding
- To empower women to make an even greater contribution to the local and national workforce.

A conference to nurture personal development, professional growth & organizational change
It is an interactive, inspiring and empowering event which offers:
- Approximately 20 workshops, all provided by speakers experienced in working in the Qatar business environment.
- Panel discussions on a range of topics relevant to women and organizations in the twenty-first century.

Our speakers and workshop providers come from a range of fields and backgrounds; seasoned and experienced, fresh and innovative, all experts in the realm of success; whether it be personal, professional, organisational or entrepreneurial success.

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7 – 8 March 2012 – Doha, Qatar
Tickets on sale now! (tu)