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Posted On: 30 October 2014 05:46 am
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:29 am

Heritage of Doha, Identity of Qatar

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‘Heritage of Doha, Identity of Qatar,’ will be held on November 5, in the Georgetown Building, Education City. (From 9am to 5pm) Registration is required from the link below.

The workshop will present the findings of UCL Qatar’s QNRF-funded Origins of Doha Project, including the results of the Joint Qatar Museums-UCL Qatar Old Doha Rescue Excavation.

Heritage of Doha, Identity of Qatar

The workshop will use archaeology to explore the history and people of Doha, the transformation of the traditional town to a modern city, and the experiences of its inhabitants through time. It presents the work of UCL Qatar’s QNRF-funded Origins of Doha project (NPRP 5-421-6-010), including the results of the joint Qatar Museums-UCL Qatar excavations in central Doha.

The first part of the workshop will outline the results of the excavation and wider study, and will consider the vulnerability of this archaeological heritage.

The second part of the workshop will present the initial results of the specialist studies arising from the excavation, and other research of the Origins of Doha team and Qatar Museums.

"I am very proud that the results of QNRF funded research is contributing to the understanding of Qatar's heritage. The knowledge developed will undoubtedly help the academic community and the public to appreciate Qatar's rich history and pave the way to future discoveries" Dr Abdul Sattar Al-Taie. Qatar National Research Fund.

Aims of the Workshop

To document Doha’s archaeological heritage, including architectural and intangible elements, and present it to the wider public.
To draw attention to the importance and vulnerability of Doha’s heritage.
To summarize the early outcomes of UCL Qatar’s QNRF-funded Origins of Doha Project.
To present the results of the joint QM-UCL Qatar Old Doha excavations.

The daily lives of the people of Doha will be explored and illustrated, as well as the architecture and urban environment of their town. This will be achieved not only through historical and archaeological studies, but also through the voices of the people who lived in the old town and experienced at first-hand the momentous changes that brought it to the present day.

Invitees will include staff of Qatar Museums, staff and students involved in cultural heritage, anthropology and history at Qatar University and the campuses of Hamad bin Khalifa University, and other archaeologists and heritage professsionals in the country. The general public will also be invited, as well as members of government organizations, industry and the media.