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Posted On: 22 December 2011 03:06 am
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:26 am

Deadmau5 in Doha!!! the dance of event of 2011!!!!

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Event Details:

Global Dj’s present Deadmau5 in Doha!

The electronic music night many of Doha had been anticipating for weeks in advance at 7 nightclub in La Cigale was opened by several of this towns local resident DJ’s who supported the visiting Canadian electronic music producer legend by warming up the crowd with some much needed electro and progressive house.

Roger Choueiry resident dj at Madison piano bar downstairs always plays a wicked set and knows how to please a crowd- tonight was no different.. Well no..actually it was so much better that as our group arrived to the table, we found we couldn’t sit down…a good sign that it was going to be a dance fest night ahead.

Though the club was filling up the sunken dance floor was still kind of empty (except for an awesome couple who were rocking it from open to close), I can only conclude that this because of the lack of top 40 dance hits that Doha is used to. Tonight this lack of commercial music was a major part of why a lot of us were there!

The music kept evolving to more wickedness as 7’s own Jared Mc McCullough whipped up the now crowded dance floor with some fine house beats and the stereotype ‘ravers’ danced in with multicoloured glow sticks and homemade Mau5 (mouse) ears, showing much love for the headliner of the evening.

Slowly 7’s uber cool multi coloured flashing light dance floor was hidden by jumping, dancing and amping feet. Looking around the edge of the dance floor Doha’s ‘usual standing crew’ were doing the usual, taking in the action despite the skin tingling music blasting from the clubs delicious sounding bass heavy system. ( I want to give a special shout to the sound tech of the evening as for the first time in a long time after such a serious sound fest, our crew reached home with hearing completely intact even thou the sound in the club was perfectly loud… thank you thank you- for a great sound, without depleting our eardrums!)>:D<

Mr Paul Mendez of Lava’s Ultrachic fame joined the rollercoaster of phat beats and had the full happy crowd fist pumping, embracing and jumping around with pure dance happiness that only a certain kind of dance music calibre can create.
With build ups that lifted the crowd high and then drops that face planted them, Mendez was the final master in a brilliant local warm up that had the crowd already elated.

For many I’m sure the skinny cap wearing guy with crazy cool space invader neck tattoos looked like just another DJ dude without the famous big mau5 head on… but once Joel Zimmerman starts playing there is no mistaking the Deadmau5 sound.
Layers of twitching computer sound effect elements, shoulder shaking electronic beats and foot stomping bass lines , often accompanied by wicked vocals.. There really is no other.

7 nightclub was now an electric pulsing dance fest that got even more electrified when Zimmerman had made the ‘physical transformation with his ‘Swiss cheese’ mouse head and the crowd went wild J

To see this character spinning mad tunes on you tube videos is cool enough, but to be only a couple feet from this amazing producer making his wicked beats live.. That’s a whole new bliss!
A totally unexpected (for me anyways) version of ‘Tiny Dancer’ was awesome and I’m sure that got some non-dancers tapping their toes. And as he dropped his more recent musical designs the rest of the crowd who has only come along for the spectacle were beginning to recognise his sound. Then his epic track ‘Ghosts and stuff’ (played on Qatar radio a lot lately) poured out the speakers and everyone was singing the lyrics and grinning from ear to ear.

Lost in a beautiful ambient track my friend tapped on my arm and whispered its after 3! We looked at each other hoping that just for tonight the time wouldn’t be noticed and the 3am curfew would slide on to 4 or later. But just as if they’d heard us, the light s came up and Jared took the mike to thanks Deadmau5 and Doha for an amazing night!. Massive applause spread throughout the danced-tired but very content partygoers.

So thank you Deadmau5 for bringing some electronic music magic to Qatar!
Much thanks to Global DJ’s and La Cigale for making it happen!
MASSIVE love and respect to Roger, Jared and Paul! You guys really excelled yourselves and showed this city and the world for that matter that not only do we know how to party here- we have some of the worlds best mixing it for us!

May this be the first of many many more wicked dance events! :D