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Posted On: 6 April 2011 06:50 pm
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:26 am

Arabnet Wrap - Notes from the region’s largest conference on Entrepreneurship

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Event Details:

Arabnet, a technology conference in its second year, was awesome and ILQ is proud to be a sponsor. As technology entrepreneurship grows around the region, it is important to get everyone together to take stock of where the industry is, where it is headed, and most importantly, provide a platform for interaction among entrepreneurs, investors, and established technology companies.

What’s so exciting about the Arab technology space is that mentors are starting to emerge. Successful entrepreneurs like Emile Cubeisy and Usaama Fayyad are coming back from Silicon Valley, making investments in promising people and ideas, and providing a road map for all entrepreneurs to go from idea, to mentorship, to funding, to (hopefully) success.

Succesful entrepreneurs also made an appearance and spread their knowledge. The Gonabit guys,, Founders of Aramex and Maktoob. They talked about the incredible falling costs of starting a technology company, and of the exciting startup energy coming out of places like Cairo, Amman, and Doha of course!

Established companies like Google presented findings on search trends (I wish I had a link to this, does anyone else?). Endeavor, a high impact entrepreneurship non profit, presented their findings on key aspects of creating a high-growth entrepreneurship culture - mainly a skilled entrepreneur and deep and tailored support as he or she grows the business.

The goal of any tech conference is only partly in its keynotes, panelists, and schedule. The rest is providing a common space where ideas can sprout, new companies funded, and entrepreneurs can establish networks and linkages. Once again Arabnet achieved this. It provided a big room where ideas could spread, cofounders could meet, and the region’s next big tech companies could grow.

So, for all you entrepreneurs, who weren’t able to make it, no sweat. Find the names of speakers and panelists and fellow attendees. Send them an email, set up a skype call. With all the great mentors compiled here, pick a few to get in touch with and get your idea funded and supported!

Josh and ILQ team