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17 January 2017 06:42 am

Muhawwil (Transformer)

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These murals mark a transformation in religious discourse within Gulf societies: where once only calligraphic depictions of this nature were allowed, today’s pop-culture and the mass-production of images have forced conservative entities to reconsider this tradition and adopt a mutated technique to convey moral advice in the form of wall paintings. This project reconstructs these paintings into animations, so as to highlight the dilemma of representation that exists between the ancient and the modern.

Monira Al Qadiri is part of the artist collective GCC and she will be participating in Tasmeem 2017, VCUQatar’s biannual art conference. This exhibition is curated by Maysaa Al-Mumin, VCUQatar Assistant Professor in Art Foundation.

Opening hours: Saturday to Thursday - From 9am to 5pm      

Friday - Closed

Special thanks to the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC)

Image courtesy of Monira Al Qadiri, "Muhawwil (Transformer)," Video installation, 2014

Exhibition Dates: 18 Jan- 18 Feb 2017
Entry: Free - Open invitation
Location: VCUQatar Gallery