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Posted On: 2 December 2021 12:00 pm
Updated On: 6 February 2022 05:11 pm

Short Film Competition by Qatar Museums

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Event Details:

Location: This is an online event
Date: 2 December 2021 - 1 March 2022
Time: All Day
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Calling all young, passionate filmmakers from around the world. As the 2021’s Capital of Culture in the Islamic World, Doha is hosting a short film competition highlighting Qatar’s extraordinary museums.

The competition is rooted in Doha’s profound faith in the role of cinema and the audiovisual realm in social and cultural development, as well as its intention to push the perspectives and thoughts of audiences into the limelight, portray an earnest image of our communities, and raise awareness about different aspects of our lives. Through the competition, filmmakers from Doha will be empowered to express and share the city’s most notable cultural aspects and their potential to create an inspiring, creative global impact that makes Doha truly stand out as the 2021’s Capital of Culture in the Islamic World.

Sponsored by Qatar Museums; Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science; and the Doha Film Institute, in collaboration with the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), the competition is an opportunity to discover and highlight emerging talents while shining a light on the significance of cultural heritage and appreciation for the identity of all nations.

How to Participate

Be sure to indicate whether or not you plan to film at any of Qatar's museums or cultural sites so that you may request a permit. Registered participants will receive a permit that they must have on them at all times during filming to avoid legal accountability.



Films may only be submitted via the specially created platform. Be sure to consult the technical rules before submitting your film.


General Rules

- Contestants must be no younger than 18 years of age. Both sexes are eligible to participate.
- Contestants must adhere to the competition’s rules and regulations.
- Filmmakers from Qatar and abroad are eligible to participate.
- Only one film per contestant.
- Registration form and film must both be submitted before 1 March 2022.
- Films must be submitted by uploading them to a platform created specifically for the competition. Please note that no other means of submitting is accepted.
- Winners will be invited to attend the closing ceremony for Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021. Invitations will be sent out to the email address specified in their application form.

Technical Rules

- Submitted films must be between 1 and 5 minutes long.
- The content of the film must be original, with an inspiring message on museums in Qatar and their arts, culture, and heritage displays, as well as their impact worldwide.
- Acceptable formats for the final film are MPEG, MOV, and WMV. Settings ranging from “smartphones” (1080p/30FPS) to handheld cameras, as well as mini-DV are all accepted.
- Films can be documentary, fictional or cartoon. Promotional materials are not accepted.
- All languages are accepted, provided Arabic & English captions are included (if your film is in either Arabic or English, you need only provide captions for the other language).
- You must obtain permission in writing from every individual appearing in your film, as well as written permission from the owner of any site used in your film.
- Please avoid showing brands in your film.
- Per your choice, your film can feature old/archival footage or content from a third party (you must have a legal license to use such content).
- No copyrighted materials - such as music - can be used without a legal, handwritten approval from the respective rights holder. Using copyrighted music or any other form - of copyrighted content will result in disqualification.
- You may not upload your film online or to social media or any other public platforms before or after the submission stage. (If your film fails to qualify, then you are free to do so after the conclusion of the competition).
- You cannot submit a film that was featured in previous film festivals or film competitions.
- Judges have the right to disqualify any submitted films should they fail to comply with the rules outlined.
- Judges’ decision is final. Objections and appeals are not accepted.
- The file name of the uploaded film must be identical to the contestant’s first and last name (in English).
- DFI and QM have the right to use the winning films. However, copyrights are retained by the owner of the film.
- If a group wishes to enter the competition, they may do so on their own accord. Upon entering, competition organizers will accept only one name.
- To shoot at any of the museums and cultural sites in Qatar, registered applicants will receive a permit that they must have on them at all times during filming to avoid legal accountability.

Judging Criteria

- Overall context and approach
- Structural quality
- Shooting and production value
- Editing
- The use of original footage


  • 1st place: 40,000 QAR
  • 2nd place: 25,000 QAR
  • 3rd place: 15,000 QAR

Winners will also receive a certificate of participation, as well as a Culture Pass membership to Qatar Museums.

The winning films will be screened at the closing ceremony of the Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World, as well as the Ajyal Film Festival and on the social media channels of the competition organizers and cultural organizations from Qatar and abroad. There may also be opportunities to collaborate with Qatar Tourism Authority and TV channels (Qatar TV, Alrayyan TV, beIN, Al Jazeera Network).

Rights & Obligations

- Organizers and their employees shall not be held accountable for any unlicensed usage of content that can serve as grounds for claims by third parties.
- Organizers reserve the right to disqualify any film falling under the description above.
- Applicants hold that all information depicted in their film is accurate and true.
- Participating entails an agreement to the regulations and rules outlined herein. Organizers hold the right to amend said regulations.
- Winners shall not feature the film submitted in any events or competition for a period of two years.

Source: Qatar Museums