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Posted On: 20 October 2011 01:06 pm
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:26 am

Open-Mic Comedy Show at Katara

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Event Details:

Katara presents: Open-Mic Comedy Show

starring SUCQ - Stand Up Comedy Qatar

Date: Oct 23

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Venue: Building 18, Katara Cultural Village

Tickets: QR20 on the door

Limited seating - first come, first serve

More Info:

Stand Up Comedy Qatar (SUCQ) - A coalition of standup comedians living in Qatar. SUCQ promotes standup comedy in the region by supporting and developing up and coming comedians and hosting regular events and tours. see &

SUCQ comedians and events have been covered in local and regional media - Peninsular, Qatar Today, Qatar Tribune, Time Out Doha, Campus, khaleejesque and others.

Some of the comedians performing:

Halal Bilal is a Muslim Comedian from South Africa. He has performed and performs with other comedians who use humour to bridge gaps of bias, intolerance, and other social ills that exist around the world today. He is a founding member of SUCQ & is considered a pioneer of locally-based standup comedy in Qatar. -

Abdulla Al-Ghanim is a local comedian from Qatar. He has only started performing this year, but already taken the stage multiple times with fellow comedians in Doha who are working to expand the scene in the region, connect with people and help them go through the hard times with laughter and joy.

Issa El-Fahoum is a comedian of Palestinian origin. He has been preforming comedy for about four months with Halal Bilal & SUCQ comedians, and he mainly speaks about personalisations and many impersonations as well. As an Arab in an Indian school, he's experiences are unique but hilarious.

Ousama Itani is an improv comedian who came to Qatar from Texas. He is a founding member of Antique Limax, an improvisational comedy troupe located in Austin. He has been performing stand-up comedy at the monthly SUCQ Open-Mic events, and has helped introduce an improv segment to the shows as well.