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Posted On: 4 August 2015 07:07 am
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:30 am

Colour your Summer

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Event Details:


The Katara Art Studios will host special summer activities for children under the theme, “Colour your summer”, from August 9 to 20. Registration for these activities will remain open until Thursday.


The summer programme includes a number of workshops for children to teach them skills related to different forms of art, such as 3D formations, origami, pottery, Islamic decoration, T-shirt painting and gypsum formations, as well as cooking workshops.
One of these workshops will be held on August 9 at Katara Art Studios, Building 19, while another will be conducted on the following day. On August 13, there will be a photography workshop to teach children professional techniques.
The cooking workshop will be held on August 19 and the programme will conclude on August 20, when the participants will display their creations at an exhibition.
The children will also receive certificates for participating in the different workshops.
On Friday, Katara Arts Studios will conduct a special workshop for handicrafts. It will be held from 3pm to 8pm.
Registration for the workshop can be done through [email protected]