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Posted On: 9 December 2009 12:04 pm
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:25 am

Cinders - The True Story -

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Event Details:

What: Cinders - The True Story
When: Thursday to Saturday - 10th - 12th of December 09
Where: College of the North Atlantic

It’s that time of the year again (‘oh yes it is!’) when the members of the Doha Players play their part in welcoming the festive season and getting everyone in the mood for Christmas with the annual pantomime.
This year, the group are staging Cinders - the True Story, a retelling of the traditional Cinderella fairytale, scripted by David Tristram – an increasingly popular writer with the Players, who also staged his play Last Tango in Little Grimley earlier this year.

Featuring a cast of around 30 actors and chorus members, the pantomime tells the story of Cinderella attempting to attend the ball and be united with the Prince. After leaving the ball when the Fairy Godmother’s spell runs out at midnight, the Prince is desperate to find Cinders, and uses a glass slipper left behind to assist in his quest.
Unsurprisingly the story ends “happily ever after,” but not without some thrills and spills along the way.

As always, the panto includes a large amount of cheering, booing and other audience participation, and judging by the dress rehearsal earlier this week, the show will prove a hit with the families of Doha who are in for another festive treat.

Cinders, played by Lisa Smith, does a perfect job of portraying the princess-in-waiting, and with her trusty friend Buttons played by Catherine Pearson, helps to create a loveable lead pairing. They are matched by Pauline Keddity and Samantha McGill as the Prince and Dandini – another excellent pair of “goodies,” with all four uniting at the conclusion of the show.

The ugly stepsisters, Dotty and Potty (Joe Wall and Gary Mond) provide the main physical comedy in the play, performing admirably as the traditional comedy dames. The pair will undoubtedly draw many laughs – especially with moments such as their performance of Take a Chance, and their dance in the talent competition at the ball.

However, the Fairy Godmother, played by Jack Rigg is the driving force behind the show, narrating the story and talking to the audience throughout. Whilst orchestrating the events of the story, the godmother is quick-witted and likeable, and will certainly draw the audience in and keep them involved with what is happening onstage.

The show has been directed by Sara Jenkins, who is now leading her third panto, and said: “I came across Cinders – the True Story and thought it was the funniest thing I had read in a long time. After that, I was hooked and, well, here we are again!”

“It has been great fun putting this panto together and seeing it shape up into a funny family show,” she said, adding “make sure you ‘boo’ at the baddies, cheer on the goodies and give Cinderella lots of sympathy! Many of you will know the songs in this year’s panto, so sing along!”
Produced by Elaine Potter with musical direction provided by Lorraine Stanley and choreography by Kristina Cheffins, the show will definitely draw smiles, laughs, boos and cheers from young audience members and should be a great way to welcome in the festive season.

Cinders is being staged at College of the North Atlantic, with one show to be held on tomorrow night and two each on Friday and Saturday. Tickets are available from The One, and more details can be found on the Doha Players website.