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Posted On: 13 June 2010 11:18 am
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:25 am

Trip to Dukhan Beach

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Event Details:

Come one...come all

Who's up for a nice trip to Dukhan beach? This is an open event so feel free to invite your friends and family too!!

Finger snacks
Anything else i can think of later.

Dinner Non - Veg Menu:
Hotdogs (chicken/beef)
Chicken (ready made/bbq)
Pizza (non-veg)
Sherwarma sandwiches
Anything else i can think of later.

Dinner Veg Menu:
Veg Pizza
Veg Rolls
Anything else i can think of later

More Info:
- You dont need to have a 4x4 vehicle.
- Those with no transportation can catch a ride with anyone who has place in their cars or just meet us at the meeting point and we can arrange something for you..NO ONE will be left behind :)
- Meeting point will be Al Rayyan Family Food Center parking lot.
- I will need people to get bbq stands. All those getting bbq stands need to carry 1 bag of coals with them. ( I think 6 bbq stands should be enough, will decide depending on how many people show up.)
- Get your own beach chairs, umbrellas or mats.
- Get your swimsuits coz there will be water splashing and people will be thrown in the water.
- FYI there is shaded cover at the beach with benches to sit.
- Get a beach ball/football any ball to toss around
- I will need emergency lamps so all those that have one get it along. more light the better.
- I will need Large ice boxes with ice. Now if anyone has ice boxes with you please let me know, other members can also chip in to buy 2 bags of ice to fill the iceboxes.
- I will not tolerate any misbehavior, any person found out of line will be told to leave immediately.
- No Alcohol will be provided.
- Everyone will help in clearing the place after we are done....or we'll just leave it to the members of the volunteers group as they dont have anything to do so far :P
- Paper plates/napkins/forks and spoon/cups will be provided to you.
- Softdrinks/Juices/Water will be provided too :)

You need to confirm your name and how many people will be coming with you on or before the 7th of June. To confirm your attendance post your user name here and add a + 1 or +2 that will be accompanying you.

I will have a meeting to collect the money on the 8th of June, no money will be collected after this date and if you have confirmed your name but not paid me on 8th of June then you'll be eating sand and ketchup. I will inform about the meeting place later.

So to summarize everything:
What: Beach trip to Dukhan
When: Friday 11th of June, 3.00pm onwards
How much will this cost you: Qr. 50/- per adult (all kids 10 yrs and below for free)
Why: Coz the world is ending in 2012 :P

If there is anything else that comes up between now and then I'll update you all. Have a good day and hope to see a lot of new faces for the beach trip :D