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Posted On: 24 November 2010 09:02 am
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:25 am

Smoke's Qr. 100/- Day Event - 26/11/2010

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Event Details:

Alright folks here's your social gathering for the 26th of Nov. The very first of its kind and hopefully wont be the last :P

The Event: The idea of the gathering is to try and spend a day out with just Qr. 100/- here's what i can think we can get with just 100 bucks

1) A movie - Qr. 35/-
2) A Roller coster ride/ other rides - Qr. 15/- to 30 (approx)
3) Some junk food meal (KFC/McD's) - Qr. 20/- (approx)
4) Coffee - Qr. 20/-

Anyways you get an idea of what we can do. But Qr. 100 is the limit.

We meet at Villagio at 1.00pm, have lunch, catch the 3.00pm movie, after the movie we'll go to the amusement park to get on the roller coaster ride or any other ride that you guys are comfortable with, and after that we'll settle down and have a nice cup of coffee. Then you guys are free to do window shopping or go home. :P

This event is open to all. Please be on time so we can buy the movie tickets together. If you are late you'll be sitting on your own and we'll be throwing pop corn on you.

What: Qr. 100/- Day Event
Where: Villagio
When: Friday the 26th of Nov. 2010
Time: Meeting at 1.00pm in front of Virgin Mega stores

If anyone needs to get in touch with me or gets lost contact me on 55207181