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Posted On: 23 April 2014 06:36 pm
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:29 am

Qatar Charity Guinness Book of World Records for Charity Clothes Collection Attempt

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Event Details:

Qatar Charity Guinness Book of World Records for Charity Clothes Collection Attempt

Qatar Charity aims to break the record in the quickly collecting clothes for the benefit of charitable and humanitarian work and send what is collected within 24 hours to the Philippines, central Africa republic and Yemen.

What is the current world record?

In Hanoi, Vietnam, 12.5 tons of clothing were collected in 2013.

What is the number that Qatar Charity seeks to achieve?

Qatar Charity is seeking to collect a figure of 14 tons.

Please note that on an average daily basis, Qatar Charity may collect up to four tons of in-kind materials for re-use. This challenge will seek to fill three containers (20 feet each) which is equivalent to 21 tons.


This will start at 17:00 (5 PM) on Saturday, April 26 and end 24 hours later in the evening on Sunday, 27 April 2014.


The Aspire Zone, Doha, Qatar will have dedicated teams from Qatar Charity to help collect the clothing donations brought there, process these and pack them into the containers. There will be a events for children and families .

This will continue over the 24 hours to try to break the record in the presence of the special Jury from the Guinness Book of World Records.

How will the project serve the community?

Recycling of clothes in a way that directly lends a helping hand to people in-need in different countries and continents

Promote and strengthen the culture of philanthropy amongst children, young people and all residents of Qatar through a high-profile event

Globally showcase an aspect of the charitable work originating from Qatar

Q: What type (and condition) of clothes can be accepted?
A: The clothes should only be something which can be worn, not damaged. They should be properly washed, ironed and folded. (any size and any season clothes)
Q: Collected clothes will be distributed to the Philippines, central Africa republic and Yemen but why? Some clothes will distribute to people in Qatar such as workers?
A: What is collected during this event will be only donated to these countries due to need in these places according to Qatar Charity. Qatar Charity is working in many countries and supporting many countries in different ways but these are the selected countries of this event.
TAYF-In Kind Donation Program by Qatar Charity focuses serving the workers here at different physical locations.
Q: What type of activities for kids/ families will be there?
A: Basic competitions and challenges on stage and games off the stage like jumpings bags and tug of war.
Q: Clothes will be collected within 24h and it'll be distributed within how long?
A: The distribution will be done by shipping through sea which may take few weeks but the clothes will be loaded in the container at the same time in the event.